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Many learning resources lie beyond the offerings of eBay and its community. Traditional venues such as the Small Business Administration (http://www, community colleges, and continuing education programs offer a plethora of information to help you guide and grow your business. If you aren t one already, become an avid reader. Don t just focus your learning with eBay-specific titles expand your reading list to include general books on marketing and small business success. Here s a list of suggested reading for improving your marketing and advertising techniques: Ogilvy on Advertising, by David Ogilvy Tested Advertising Methods, by John Caples Guerilla Marketing, by Jay Conrad Levinson Here s a list of hot small business and marketing books: Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager What Customers Want: Using Outcome-Driven Innovation to Find HighGrowth Opportunities, Create Breakthrough Products, and Connect with Your Customers, by Anthony Ulwick Before the Brand: Creating the Unique DNA of an Enduring Brand Identity, by Alycia Perry and David Wisnom III The One-Day Marketing Plan: Organizing and Completing a Plan that Works, by Roman G. Hiebing and Scott W. Cooper
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So we re at the end of the road here. You ve read the most essential steps to building a thriving, profitable eBay business. You ve been introduced to some of the most valuable tools known to the eBay universe. You learned what s critical in terms of visual technique. Some of the most enduring marketing strategies have been placed at your disposal. You got a long shortcourse in customer satisfaction. And you now have a concise reference for eBay marketing activities that will keep on supporting you as long as you keep on selling. Not only do you have concise steps for improving your business, but you have this solid platform from which to take that leap. You can move up the ranks in PowerSeller status, command category hegemony, or even develop into a powerhouse corporate eBay distribution machine. These steps, tools, and resources give you the impetus, conviction, and concrete knowledge necessary for sustained eBay success.
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Take It to the Next Level
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What s more, you can build on this base and add to your experience. Mark up the pages and add your own thoughts. Keep your brainstorming scrap paper in between the pages as bookmarks. Take the concepts within these pages and run with them another 100 yards. Your own creative energy and business acumen will take you farther down the road, and we ll definitely want to hear from you when you discover new strategies and tips. Join our eBay Group (eBay Marketing Success Strategies) to share your suggestions, tips, and tricks, and we ll make sure your contributions are noted and shared widely in the next edition. You ll find us by clicking the Groups link from the eBay Community page and searching on the name eBay Marketing Success Strategies. You can also enter the URL forumID=100024004. Be sure to check our Web sites for significant links and resources (http://www.JanelleElmsBooks .com,, and http://www Finally, think about this before we part ways. All the big nonfiction business books say something similar namely, successful business responds to change. Now that s kind of a boring, jaded quip, but it s true. Change is where it s at, especially in this hyper-drive Internet world. But change is superficial. Sure the ads are laid out in HTML rather than linotype. That s a big change. The visuals are JPEGs rather than plate photography. But the constants are timeless. Persuasion is the oldest art (perhaps second only to pure athleticism and hunting prowess). Customers rule; discover their true needs and provide them solutions. Presentation has to fit the context and the need. Networking requires real human contact. You can t just put up a bunch of links and expect to be a hub of activity. Real success requires reasoned, logical planning. You can t meditate yourself to profits; you need to set goals and work toward them by checking off tangible tasks. And true joy is in the hunt, not the killing. Remember that, and you ll have the time of your life selling everything from bubble gum to iPods on eBay. It s so much fun to test, tweak, and discover on this wonderful digital bazaar. The stories you live and the people you meet will be reward enough; yet, the cash will be yummy, too. So go forth and make your millions. Remember that 80 percent of eBay listings read like junk and look even worse. The bar is low, and with just a few targeted efforts, you can blow away your closest competitors. The top 10 percent eBay sellers make more than 90 percent of the money that flows through eBay! If you can improve your marketing skills and crank up your eBay business, you ll be on your way to greatness. Happy selling!
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