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Combination Locks
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your distributor or the Dialoc Corporation can readily supply these.) Remove the ratchet assemblies 469 from the control bar and change the sequence as you desire. Put the ratchet assemblies back on the control bar. When replacing the ratchet assemblies on the control bar, make sure they go on with the ratchet part of each assembly down and that the first digit of the combination is put on first, then the remainder of the combination in order from the first ratchet assembly outward.
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To assemble:
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1. Place the four ratchet assemblies 469 on the control bar 726 and, grasping the assembled control bar and the ratchet assemblies, slip them over the center spindle of the primary arm 406. The ratchet assemblies can be guided over the lower mounting pin protruding from the outside plate 820. 2. Take care that the control bar 726 passes through the elongated hole in the bottom of the housing 414. 3. Replace the secondary arm 402 on the primary arm 406. Make sure that the finger 408 and the finger follower spring 412 are in position. 4. If the cam pawl trip 441 was dislodged during the combination change, replace it by inserting it into the housing with the small protruding end down. The blade on this part must be against the ratchet pawls of the ratchet assemblies. 5. Make sure that the secondary arm 402 is flush with the top of the square bar. This allows a spacing of approximately 0.020 inch between the secondary arm and the top ratchet assembly. 6. After the secondary arm is properly placed, return control spring 744 to the end of the control bar 726. 7. Replace the housing cover 745. Make sure that the cam pawl trip 441 and the control bar 726 are in their respective holes in the housing cover. A straight pin is helpful in guiding these parts into holes. Be sure reset arm 870 is inside the housing 414. 8. Replace the cover-retaining nuts 484-5. Turn these nuts snugly with your fingers, plus approximately one-half turn with a wrench. 9. Operate the lock before you replace the door to ensure its proper operation on the new code settings.
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Master 1500 padlock
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The Master 1500 combination padlock is covered with heavy-gauge sheet steel, rolled and pressed at the edges. The net result of this somewhat unorthodox construction is a tight-fitting lock and one that is not easily pried open. Disassembly is recommended only as a training exercise. It is not practical to open this lock for repair.
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Figure 18.9 The Master 1525 masterkeyed dial combination padlock. (Master Lock Company)
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Three wheels are employed, each with a factory-determined number. If you receive the lock with the shackle open, you can determine the combination by looking through the shackle hole. Note the dial reading as you align each wheel. If you read the numbers properly and if the wheel gates are in alignment, you should only have to add 11 to the dial readings to get the true combination. If you are slightly off, compensate by adding 10 or 12 to the original readings. The Master 1500 series can be masterkeyed (Fig. 18.9). This lock is popular in schools. While the combination can be obtained by manipulation, picking the keyway is faster. Once the lock is open, determine the combination by the method described above. Other Keyless Locks Combination locks are those devices that do not require a key to open. Although many people think of such things as safes and vaults or perhaps a bicycle padlock requiring a three-digit combination as the only types of combination locks, this is not true. Any device that does not require a key but instead relies on a single or series of digits or letters in a certain order to open the mechanism is classified as a combination locking device. The following sections discuss, illustrate, and provide specific details concerning several of the best and most popular keyless locking devices available today. Remember that the products discussed here are not the only types, nor are they representative of the only manufacturers of such products; they are the products that have proven themselves to a wide variety of customers in varied and numerous types of installations. As such, they are recommended for your consideration as some of the highest-quality, professional, and most secure keyless combination locking devices on the market today.
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