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Locksmithing associations
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Belonging to a locksmithing association can help to improve your credibility among other locksmiths and in your community. Most of the associations offer trade journals, technical bulletins, certifications, classes, discounts on books and supplies, locksmith bonds, insurance, and so on. They provide membership certificates that you can display in your shop and logos that you can use in your advertisements. It also can be helpful to include association memberships on your r sum or in your Yellow Pages advertisement. Many successful locksmiths, however, don t belong to any locksmithing association. Some don t join because they believe that the membership dues are too high. Others refuse to join because they disagree with the policies or legislative activities of the organizations. The criteria for becoming a member differ among associations, as do the policies, legislative activities, and membership dues. You ll need to decide for yourself if joining one will be beneficial for you.
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Whether or not you decide to join an association, it s a good idea to subscribe to physical and electronic security trade journals and newspapers. Some are distributed free to qualified security professionals. Such publications can help you to stay abreast of new products, trends, and legislation related to the security industry. Many popular trade journals and organizations are listed in Appendix C.
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Bonding is a type of insurance that pays off if you are convicted of stealing from your customers. It s a good idea to place your bonding certificate in your shop where customers can see it. The easiest way to get bonded is through one of the major locksmithing trade journals such as the National Locksmith. Subscribers may opt to be bonded for a small fee. The National Automobile Association and the National Safeman s Organization provide bonding to their members as part of their membership fees.
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A locksmith certification signifies that a person has demonstrated a level of knowledge or proficiency that meets a school or association s criteria for being certified. The significance of a certification depends on the integrity of the organization issuing it. Some of the best known certifications are granted by the Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA), the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS), the National Safeman s Organization, and the Safe and Vault Technician s Association (SAVTA). It s also helpful to be registered as a locksmith with the International Association of Home Safety and Security Professionals (IAHSSP). A registration test is provided in Chap. 22. By passing that test, you can qualify for the Registered Professional Locksmith designation, and after qualifying, you may access the association s website and include the initials RPL after your name. Locksmiths are divided about the need for certification. Some of the most experienced and well-known locksmiths and safe technicians don t use certification initials after their names. While writing this chapter, I looked at the mastheads of the two most popular locksmithing trade journals and counted 30 regular writers between them. Of the 30, only five used certification initials. Many locksmiths feel that they shouldn t have to meet the approval of a specific school or organization. They prefer to allow the free market to determine the competency of a locksmith. An incompetent locksmith, they argue, won t be able to compete successfully against a competent one for very long. Others feel that locksmith certifications can benefit the locksmith industry by raising the competency level of all locksmiths and by improving the public perception of locksmiths. In any case, certifications can be helpful in finding work, especially if you don t have a lot of experience. They show prospective employers that you re serious about wanting to learn locksmithing.
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