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Working as a Locksmith
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If the prospective employer s salary offer is too low, you can reply that you would like to devote your full attention to the job and work hard for the company but don t know if you could afford to do that with the salary offered. Explain that you simply want a fair salary. Pushing for the highest salary possible (within reason) not only will allow you to earn more money but also will give the prospective employer confidence in you. You will be proving to the person that you re a good salesperson. If he or she refuses to agree to an acceptable salary, tell the person that you need to think about the offer. Then smile, stand up, shake hands, and leave. If the person demands an immediate answer, say you want to discuss the matter with someone else, such as your spouse. Don t get pressured into accepting an unreasonable employment agreement. It s in your best interest to give yourself time to think the matter over and to meet with other prospective employers. If you didn t attach your package of documents to a job application, leave them with the prospective employer.
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Starting Your Own Locksmithing Business When you consider starting your own locksmithing business, keep in mind the following factors: Police clearance. Many jurisdictions require licensing and fingerprinting. Professional qualifications. Some cities insist on tests to determine professional competence. Basic tools and equipment. Ensure that you have all of the equipment you need to tackle most locksmithing jobs. Supply stock. It s possible to work out special arrangements with some local supply houses. Financing. Setting up shop involves an initial cash outlay. Bookkeeping. You must keep records of all transactions. Vehicles. A vehicle is necessary for out-of-shop calls. Advertising. Sometimes it takes more than just competent locksmithing to bring in business. Good advertising usually includes signs, business cards, window displays, display racks, and display materials. Literature. You need references and materials including locksmith supply house catalogs, manufacturers literature, reference books, business forms, etc. Contacts. It pays to know other locksmiths, factory representatives, etc. They can help you with locksmithing problems from time to time. Locksmithing is a profession involving skill, competence, and public trust. It is a career that can be highly rewarding. This chapter describes the background
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necessary to use the basics of what you have already learned and apply it in a business. According to the 2004 2005 edition of the U.S. Department of Labor s Occupational Outlook Handbook, there are about 23,000 locksmiths employed in the United States in small and large shops, as well as in-house for other businesses. It further states that the locksmith trade itself has remained stable, with few economic fluctuations, and locksmiths with an extensive knowledge of their trade are rarely unemployed. Fifty to 75 million keys are lost and replaced each year. Every household, automobile, and business has two to five locks. In a medium-sized city of 75,000 to 100,000 people, there are easily more than 250,000 locks. This means there are literally billions of locks and keys in this country plenty of business for a good locksmith. Statistics show that locksmiths make good money, too. Business Considerations If you re thinking about launching a career in locksmithing, there are several things you should consider.
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Selecting a business site
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Selecting your business site is a major decision and one that will affect your business throughout its infancy. In determining a location for your business, consider the types of businesses you will be near and what effect they will have on your customers. Shopping malls are ideal for locksmithing shops because of the walk-in business generated by people who need one or two keys duplicated. If you undertake home servicing, you will want a location that enables you to get to your customers quickly. The type of building must be considered. It would be unwise to obtain a building that is in need of massive repairs. The building should be large enough for your needs. Thought should be given to the building s potential for future expansion. Demographic and economic factors of the surrounding area should be considered too. Make a study of population density, population growth, projected economic growth, the tax structure, etc. Examine any potential competition with other locksmiths.
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