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Figure 9.22 Corbin master ring cylinder.
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Figure 9.23 After the slide is withdrawn, remove springs, pins, and top pins. (Emhart Corp.)
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4. Write down the change-key combination and reverse it. Suppose the combination is 275414. Reversed, it is 414572. 5. Subtract the reversed change-key combination from the master key combination (678572 414572). The difference is 264000. 6. Insert the master key into the cylinder and select the appropriate buildup pins. In this case the pins are 264. Note: If any number in the change-key combination is greater than the master key number above it, you must use a negative number buildup pin in the chamber. For example, a 678572 master key combination with an 814572 change-key combination requires a 2 buildup pin, together with a 6 and 4 pin.
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Figure 9.24 Ream the pin holes through the shell, master ring, and plug. (Emhart Corp.)
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7. As you install each buildup pin, seat it with a drill bit and turn the key to determine that you installed the correct pin. 8. Insert the drivers into the cylinder chambers. Either of two drivers are used, depending on the lock style. Spool drivers (No. J-172) are furnished with mortise cylinders; straight drivers (No. M-099) are used on other cylinders. 9. Insert the springs into their chambers. 10. Holding the springs down with your thumb, try the change key. Do the same for the master and grand master key. 11. Mount the cylinder in the slide, hammering the slide down for a secure fit. Be careful not to damage the threads on mortise cylinders. 12. Try all the keys. A Simple Master Key System When you are asked to install a large number of locks for a business or a large residence wherein the customer wants the locks masterkeyed, your expertise in the realm of the master key systems is put to the test. Probably the hardest part of developing a master key system is creating a working system that takes into consideration any variables required by the customer. For this reason, many locksmiths do not perform their own masterkeying of systems; rather, they rely on the many years of experience, expertise, and professionalism from a factory-developed system. The use of a factory system ensures that the system meets all the criteria set forth by the customer, the cylinders are correct, and the possibility of extending the system in the future can be assured. For the locksmith, time, personnel, and money are saved through this process. On the preceding pages, you have seen various aspects of masterkeying, the types of locks that can be used, the differences in the systems, and the potential for system expansion at a later date. I will not discuss the varied intricacies of such a system but will view a small system that you may want to consider and keep in the back of your mind for small jobs that come up. These
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are jobs wherein an existing system may be masterkeyed, using the same cylinders, or a job where a residence is to be masterkeyed for a homeowner. Figure 9.25 is a sample master key system developed for a three-floor office building. In addition to the individual office keys on each floor, you have the master key, extra cylinders for additional inner offices on each floor (or for use as replacement cylinders), a main door key, a key for the building maintenance shop, lavatory keys for both the men s and women s rooms on the three floors, and the start of an additional key code system you can develop should the building or other facility require more individual keys than the system was designed for. Within this system, depending on the size of the installation you are developing, select the number of keys for individual locks to be used. In this case,
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Master: 431472 First floor 522534 522544 522554 522564 522574 522594 522504 522524 522634 522644 522654 522664 522674 522684 522694 522604 522624 522724 522734 522744 Second floor 652534 652544 652554 652564 652574 652584 652594 652504 652624 652634 652644 652654 652664 652674 652684 652694 652734 652744 652754 652764 Third floor 752534 752544 792554 792564 792574 792584 792594 792504 792624 792634 792644 792654 792664 792674 792684 792694 792604 792734 792744 792754
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Extra cylinders for each floor: 552784 522514 522614 652514 652524 604714 752614 752601 792602
Main door key: 346572 Bld maintenance shop key: 434672 Construction key: 466662 Note: If building were to have four or more floors, then the last three digits for the various individual key could be as above, but the first three digits would be: Fourth floor: 514 Fifth floor: 614 Sixth floor: 714 If each floor is to have two lavatories, they could be keyed as follows: First floor: 731573 Second floor: 831573 Third floor: 931573 331577 331578 331579
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