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Windows 7 introduces enhanced security features to prevent replay network attacks. Classes in System.Net and related namespaces such as HttpWebListener, HttpWebRequest, NegotiateStream, SmtpClient, and SSLStream will now utilize these enhancements by default when Windows authentication is used. For the nitty-gritty full details of these changes, consult http://msdn. microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd582691(VS.100).aspx.
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Deprecated APIs
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A number of existing important APIs are now marked as deprecated. A full list is available at the following: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-au/library/ee461503(VS.100).aspx (Types) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-au/library/ee471421(VS.100).aspx (Members)
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It is also worth noting two commonly used APIs that are now deprecated, as discussed in the next two sections.
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System.Data.OracleClient is available in .NET 4.0, but is marked as deprecated. Microsoft says this is because most developers use partner company Oracle providers. Microsoft will continue to issue hotfixes for critical OracleClient issues. For more info, refer to http://blogs.msdn.com/adonet/archive/ 2009/06/15/system-data-oracleclient-update.aspx.
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Global Static Hosting Functions
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Global static hosting functions have now been deprecated. For more info, please refer to http:// msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa964945(VS.100).aspx.
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Code Contracts
Code contracts are a method for expressing constraints and assumptions within your code. They allow specification of complex rules that can be validated at both compile time and runtime. Code contracts are also supported in VS2008.
NOTE Compile time or static verification is available only in the Premium/Ultimate editions of Visual Studio. This is a real shame because it will probably prevent widespread adoption of this great technology rather than encouraging users to purchase a more expensive edition of Visual Studio (similar to MSTest & VS2005 ). Hopefully this is not permanent, and you will see static verification available in all future versions of Visual Studio.
In addition to providing validation, code contracts can assist with code documentation and aiding understanding of a problem. Functionality is available to automatically remove contracts from production code and separate them into a separate assembly if third parties want to use them. Code contracts are part of Microsoft s ongoing research project Spec #; Spec # s developers say they have been influenced by the Eiffel, JML, and AsmL languages.
CAUTION Code contracts are still in active development, so this functionality might change.
Hello Code Contracts
To ensure that values are not null, you have probably written code similar to the following many times: public void myFunction(string input) { if(input==null) throw new System.NullReferenceException("Input cannot be null"); } Or perhaps you utilized the debug or trace assert like so: Debug.Assert(input != null); Code contracts are superior to the previous methods because they do the following: Allow the creation of more complex rules Can help you write better code by getting you to think about constraints within your code Can reduce/prevent side effects
Can be validated at both compile time and runtime Are easy to read Can be interpreted by automated tools such as PEX (http://research.microsoft.com/ en-us/projects/Pex/) Work with XML documentation generation Unlike debug statements, can optionally be utilized in both debug and release builds Can be separated into separate assemblies for third-party use
Let s now create a simple code contract to ensure that an input value is not null or equal to 5.
Installing Code Contracts
Although VS2010 Professional edition contains some of the assemblies required for code contracts, the team didn t want to tie code contract development to the release of Visual Studio, so the Code Contract SDK is available as a separate download.
CAUTION You can run the following code without downloading the SDK but the code contracts won't actually do anything. So make sure to download the SDK first.
There are two versions of the SDK available (currently named Standard edition and TFS edition). The TFS edition is for Premium/Ultimate and contains compile time verification and some additional features. The Standard edition does not contain this full static verification, but will offer warnings if contracts are breached (in my experiments with Invariants and Pure methods). SDKs are available here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/devlabs/dd491992.aspx.
Example Code Contract
Once you have installed the Code Contract SDK, create a new console application and then add the following using directive: using System.Diagnostics.Contracts; Now add the following code: static void Main(string[] args) { DoSomething(5); }
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