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application design. Working with a single CPU in a multi-threaded fashion is no longer the challenge: working with a single CPU with 2 or more cores, each capable of performing a unit of work, is the new challenge. Writing applications that are capable of targeting the specific cores on a CPU presents programmers with the challenges associated with deadlocks, race conditions, scalability, lockout, and determinism. On the upside, applications that share their workload over manycore become more responsive and are more efficient. The Parallel Extensions and understanding manycore are other paradigm shifts for programmers. However, it s a shift that doesn t just affect programmers: the deep-reaching positive effects extend into application performance and user experience. A well-designed application that takes advantage of manycore may even result in your end user s computer feeling more responsive: it s a win-win situation. Visual Studio and .NET 4.0 offer programmers a solid framework for building .NET applications that target manycore. As far back as late 2007, Microsoft has been providing programmers with their Parallel Extensions, offering support for Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) and task parallelism via the Task Parallel Library. Programmers need to understand .NET 4.0; this book will give them an excellent understanding of how to use VS2010 to take advantage of the .NET 4.0 feature set, including the Parallel Extensions.
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Phil Whinstanley (ASP.NET MVP and author)
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ASP.NET 4.0 has the benefit of hindsight. With the integration of both the Web Forms and MVC rendering engines, developers are free to express themselves as they choose while still benefiting from the underlying ASP.NET Platform. To support developers in the building of rich powerful ASP.NET applications, VS2010 has streamlined its approach and is focusing on those areas that matter to developers. Speed, efficiency and ease of use.
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Dave Sussman (MVP and author)
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One of the things I love most about .NET and Visual Studio is the teams themselves and their openness to the community. Sure, they keep certain things hidden and have private betas, but much of what they do is public and open to comment, which makes the product improve in ways that we, the developers, need it to. Much of the talk is about MVC, a great platform that has brought in new users, but I m excited by the changes to Web Forms, MVC s mature elder brother. Web Forms are still supported and still being actively developed, and although the changes aren t as radical as MVC, they are far reaching. Many ASP.NET controls in .NET 4.0 now emit clean HTML (the Menu being a great example), and along with the control of client IDs, we have a far better platform for building Ajax based sites. Couple that with features such as the client templates and support for jQuery, and the platform is re-energized; I'm loving the thought of building Web Form sites without having to jump though so many hoops to produce standards compliant HTML that can be easily styled with CSS. In Visual Studio itself the most exciting new feature is the potential that WPF brings. Using WPF for the code surface not only allows a UI refresh to make it look better, but opens up wonderful possibilities for tools to enhance the code editing experience. I think what we have now is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what s possible for editing support.
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Matt Lacey ( organizer)
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I meet lots of developers, and most of them don t have lots of time to learn new things or even an inclination to do so. For that reason I m always excited to see features that need minimal training or explanation. Named and optional parameters are two such features. They re easy to explain and understand. Plus, they can allow for a dramatic reduction in the amount of code needed for some tasks. Needing less code to perform a task should lead to fewer bugs and more time to test and implement new features. Everyone wins! The other feature I m really excited to see is ASP.NET MVC. It s important for two reasons. Firstly, it s raising questions about the importance of having testable code. In turn this will lead to more developers using testing tools and techniques to improve their code. Secondly, it s causing developers to ask why it s needed and what s wrong with ASP.NET Web Forms. One key difference with ASP.NET MVC is that it s much harder to develop without having an understanding of HTTP. Whether using MVC or WebForms, having more web developers with a better understanding of HTTP can only be a good thing.
Alex Mackey (Author of this book and MVP)
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