UPC-E Size Setting Instruction

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Creating and Adjusting UPC-E Barcodes

UPC-E image size is customizable during its generation. And OnBarcode's UPC-E generation controls allow customers to set the created image size freely.

UPC-E Structure

  • W : the width of UPC-E barcode image, including quiet zones.
  • X : the width of UPC-E narrowest bar; X min = 1 pixel.
  • C : the number of UPC-E encoded data characters, including the check digit; C = 6.
  • Q : the width of the quiet zone; Q > = 7X; Q (L) = 9X, Q (R) = 7X.

UPC-E Barcode Width

According to GS1 specification, the barcode width of UPC-E (W), measured in pixel, can be calculated as follows.
  • UPC-E without supplement data character:

W = ( C * 7 + 9 ) X + 2Q       // C = 6, Q (L) = 9X, Q (R) = 7X.
    = ( 6 * 7 + 9 ) X + 9X + 7X
    = 51X + 16X
    = 67X

W min = 67X       // X = 1
= 67 pixel

  • UPC-E with two supplement data characters, W = 92X. W min = 92 pixel.
  • UPC-E with five supplement data characters, W = 119X. W min = 119 pixel.

Our UPC-E generators are designed to set the value of each quiet zone 10X [Q (L) = 10X, Q (R) = 10X].So, the respective value of W in above calculation should be 71X, (91X + 15), (118X + 15).

UPC-E Barcode Height

GS1 specification defines the requirement for setting UPC-E barcode image height, which is 25.9 millimeters (1.0 inch), including the human readable text. Additionally, the height of any Supplement 2 or Supplement 5 image used including the human readable text cannot extend outside the image height dimensions of the primary UPC-E barcode.

However, there is no need to worry about the requirements for height setting because our UPC-E generating components will automatically set image height based on the specification. Customers, meanwhile, may adjust image height by setting Top or Bottom Margin.

OnBarcode provides more information of Setting UPC-E Barcode Size in C#.

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