EAN-13 Barcode Generator Add-in for Excel

Create, print EAN-13 barcode in Excel spreadsheet. Free Download. No gtin check digit calculator, barcode font, Excel macro, VBA, formula.

Free Download to generate, print EAN-13 barcode in Excel spreadsheet w/o barcode EAN-13 font, Excel macro, VBA, formula.

In this EAN-13 generator Excel user guide, you will learn how to create, print EAN-13 barcode images in Microsoft Office Excel files.

  • Quick to create EAN-13 barcodes based on Excel cell data
  • Easy to create EAN-13 barcode with +2, +5 supplemental codes
  • Customize EAN 13 barcode with dynamic image width, height setting, text style, font size, high resolution DPI for printers
  • Easy to generate bulk EAN 13 barcode images
  • Support Microsoft Office Excel 365, 2021/2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 on Windows system
  • No font, vba, macro programming required.

How to create EAN-13 barcodes in Office Excel without fonts?

  1. Download EAN-13 Barcode Generator Excel Add-in
  2. Install EAN-13 add-in to create EAN-13 barcodes in Excel files
  3. Step by Step Tutorial

  • Completely compatible with Microsoft Office Excel 365 on Windows, Excel 2021, 2019, Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010 and Excel 2007
  • Automatically calculate the EAN-13 (gtin) check digit without any Excel formula or function.
  • Users do not need to know EAN-13 barcode specifications and programming skills
  • Barcode fonts are not required in the generation of EAN-13 barcodes
  • The generated EAN-13 barcodes in Excel documents can be printed by all printers
  • Industry standards are predefined well in EAN-13 barcodes
  • Easy to insert EAN-13 barcodes in Excel spreadsheets with this mature plugin
  • Turn a list of cells in Excel documents into EAN-13 barcodes easily and quickly

A quick video tutorial for making EAN 13 in Excel

EAN-13 Introduction

EAN-13, also known as European Article Number 13, UPC-13, GTIN-13, GS1-13, EAN/UCC-13, is the standard barcode version of European Article Number.

EAN-13 Barcode Add-In for Excel is a professional barcode plugin which can insert high quality EAN-13 barcodes in Microsoft Office Excel documents without any barcode fonts. Users with no programming skills can use this mature add-in freely.

EAN-13 Data Characters Encoding in Microsoft Excel


EAN-13 data character set

EAN-13 barcode can encode numeric data from 0 through 9.

How many digits are EAN-13
Each EAN-13 includes 13 digits. The first 12 digits are data message, followed by a trailing check digit. Using OnBarcode EAN-13 barcode generator software, you need input the first 12 digits only, and our software will calculate the last check sum digit automatically.

EAN-13 check sum digit

The EAN-13 check digit is an additional digit used to verify that an EAN-13 bar code has been scanned correctly. Using OnBarcode Barcode Generator for Excel add-in, the EAN-13 barcode software will automatically calculate the last checksum digit for you. If your provided EAN-13 data includes the 13th digit, the software will ignore it, and calculate the checksum digit based on your first 12 digits. You can view the EAN-13 check digit calculator at: How to calculate EAN-13 check digit?

Customize EAN-13 barcodes with options in Microsoft Excel


Basic Settings

  • Barcode Type: choose "EAN 13" for EAN-13 barcode, "EAN 13 +2", or "EAN 13 +5" for EAN-13 barcode with 2-digit or 5-digit supplemented data.
  • Data: Key in EAN-13 barcode data. The valid EAN-13 data formats is 12 or 13 digits (0-9). If EAN-13 has supplemented barcode, add "+" with supplemented data. For example, EAN13 with 2-digit supplemented data "123456789012+12".

EAN-13 Supplemented Barcode

  • Bar height: (In Supplement data under tab "1D Barcode" ) This is a multiplicator of the height of the bar module; The default is 0.8 (80% of Y - bar module height).
  • Bar space (in px): The space between the barcode and the supplement bar. Default is 15 pixel.

Barcode Common Settings

How to create, insert EAN-13 barcode in Excel Worksheet

To generate and insert EAN 13 barcode in Excel document, we will show detailed steps to create a new EAN 13 barcode, adjust EAN-13 image width and height, modify its text font style and font size, adjust image resolution for printing.

  1. Download and install OnBarcode Excel Barcode Generator Software

  2. Open an existing Excel document. Go to the Add-ins tab on Office Excel ribbon.

  3. Select Create Barcode button from the OnBarcode group section.

  4. Select a cell [C6] to insert EAN 13 barcode. Change Barcode Type to EAN 13. Keyin a dummy data with 12 digits 012345678912. Click button "Generate" in the Barcode Setting.
    Note: Each EAN 13 barcode includes 13 digits. The first 12 digits are data message, and the last digit is the check sum digit, which will be calculated and generated by EAN 13 barcode generator automatically.

  5. Now you can see a EAN 13 barcode with dummy data generated and inserted on Cell [C6].

  6. Here we will link the new created barcode with data from cell [B6].
    • Click button Link to Cell
    • Click on the cell [B6] containing the EAN-13 barcode number. Then click button Update.
    • Now you can see that the EAN-13 barcode data is from [B6].

  7. Now we will resize the EAN-13 barcode image width and height
    • Select the created EAN 13 image, check option Auto resize
    • To resize the EAN-13 image, hold the resize corner handles, and then drag the handles out to enlarge the EAN-13 image size.
    • Click the image again, and you will find that the options Image width, Image height values have been updated.
    • Click button Update to re-draw the resized EAN-13 barcode image.

  8. Here we will adjust the EAN 13 barcode text font style and font size
    • To change the EAN 13 text style, we will use the options under tab Barcode Size and 1D Barcode.
    • Under tab Barcode Size, set Text margin to 24, which will increase the space between barcode and barcode text
    • Under tab 1D Barcode, set Font size to 16, which will increase the displayed barcode text size.
    • Click button Update to re-create the EAN-13 barcode with updated text style

  9. Sometimes, your Excel docuemnt with EAN-13 barcode images will be printed. We need re-generate EAN-13 image for printer.
    • Select the EAN 13 image, go to option DPI, and set value to 1200. The resolution (DPI) values should be the same or greater than your printer's
    • Click button Update to re-print high resolution EAN-13 barcode images.

How to generate EAN-13 with 2-digit and 5 digit supplemental codes in Excel Worksheet?

EAN/UPC bar codes may be augmented with a two-digit supplemental code to indicate the issue number for a periodical. Five digit supplemental codes are used with the product number to identify paperback books.

It's really easy to create EAN-13 barcode with supplemental codes in Excel using Barcode Generator for Excel Add-in.
  1. Open Excel Barcode Generator Add-in in Excel

  2. Choose Barcode Type as EAN 13 +2

  3. In Data textbox, key-in 12 or 13 digits for EAN 13 barcode, followed by "+" char and 2 digits for supplemental code. For example: "123456789012+12".

How to generate list of EAN-13 barcodes (batch barcodes) in Excel Worksheet

To generate and insert list of EAN 13 barcodes in Excel document at one time, you need follow the steps below.

Here are the main stages to create batch EAN 13 barcode images at once.
  1. Prepare a list of cell data in one Excel column
  2. Generate a sample EAN-13 barcode image for template with customized options applied.
  3. Create list of EAN 13 images based on the cell data list and contain customizd options from the sample EAN 13 template

  1. Open an existing Excel document with a list of sample EAN-13 data. Open OnBarcode Excel Barcode Generator Add-in on MS Excel

  2. Generate a sample EAN-13 barcode image as template. All list of barcodes will use the same options as the sample image.
    • Enable Auto resize
    • Set DPI to 1200
    • Set Image width to 3200. Set Image height to 1356.
    • Set Text margin to 96
    • In tab 1D Barcode
    • Set Font size to 16
    • Click button "Update" to re-draw the EAN-13 image for template

  3. Open Batch Barcode panel to generate list of EAN 13 barcodes.

  4. Select the list of sample EAN-13 barcode data cells. And now the button Generate Batch Barcodes is clickable.

  5. Click button Generate Batch Barcodes. Then select the template EAN 13 barcode image.

  6. Choose Cell C6 as the first Cell to generate EAN 13 barcode. Click

  7. Click button Generate Batch Barcodes. Now all list of EAN 13 barcodes are created on Excel sheet.

    All of EAN 13 barcodes are applied the same options as the template barcode, and each EAN-13 is using different EAN13 data.

    Now you can delete the template EAN 13 barcode from the Excel file.
Barcode Types Supported by Excel Barcode Generator
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