POSTNET .NET Barcode SDK for RDLC Reports
How to generate Postnet in RDLC Client Reports for .NET application
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Generate Postnet linear barcode images for your RDLC Reports using .NET Barcode Library

  • Mature and reliable RDLC barcode generation tool developed in C#.NET
  • Strong-named and digital-signed barcode DLL
  • Generate high quality postal barcode Postnet in RDLC client side report
  • Easy and quick to generate Postnet barcode as image with C# or VB.NET coding
  • Create Postnet barcode and saved as gif, tiff, bmp, png or jpeg image formats
  • Easy to customize Postnet barcode images using C# or VB.NET class library
  • Easily rotate generated Postnet to four different angles for specific usage
Introduction of Postnet RDLC Report Barcode Generator
Postnet barcode control component for RDLC local report is one robust function of barcode generator SDK for RDLC local report, which is capable of encoding barcode and barcode lists in RDLC dynamically with barcode images displayed as gif, tiff, bmp, png or jpeg images. Users are easy to change barcode settings via C# or VB.NET. provides not only Postnet Barcode Library for .NET RDLC Local Report, but also other linear and 2D barcode controls for RDLC.
How to Generate Postnet in .NET RDLC Local Report Barcode SDK
Firstly, please download RDLC Local Report Postnet Generator. Then, follow the steps below to accomplish Postnet barcode generation on RDLC Report in Visual Studio:
  1. Download OnBarcode's Barcode for .NET Windows Forms barcode Generating Control and unzip.
  2. Create new RDLC in Visual Studio either in C# or VB.
  3. In Data Source forms, select Database as the Data Source, Dataset as the Database Model then click New Connection button.
  4. In the following Choose Your Database Objects, choose Product table then switch back to the Report Wizard.
  5. Click CustomerID, TerritoryID and AccountNumber fields in Arrange Fields page.
  6. Double click the Report1.rdlc file and create a new column name it Barcode.
  7. Navigate to OnBarcode.Barcode.WinForms.dll and add it as reference.
  8. You can use the barcode control in your project now.
Users may directly see the barcode generation tutorial for RDLC Local Report on page Developer Guide for Barcode Generation in .NET RDLC Reports.
RDLC Report Barcode Generator Supporting Barcode Types

Barcode Control for RDLC Local Report - Barcode Image Generation

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