Generate Linear Barcodes in Reporting Services
Using SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) to Generate Linear (1D) Barcode Images
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Linear Barcode Generator that Implement Linear Barcodes Generation in Reporting Services 2005, 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2014

  • Generate more than 20 types of linear (1D) barcodes in SSRS reports
  • Mature Reporting Service Linear Barcode Generator Component SDK
  • Completely built by managed code in C#
  • Print GS1-compatible EAN/UPC barcodes, like ITF-14 and GS1-128
  • Print standardized ISSN and ISBN in applications for publication industry
  • Capable of encoding alphanumeric data with linear barcodes
  • Compatible with the latest barcode symbology ISO specification for valid output
  • Draw high quality graphics objects using SSRS Reporting Barcode Control
  • Support TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and GIF image formats
Linear (1D) Barcode Generation Components in Reporting Service
  • Codabar in SSRS - Reporting Services Codabar Generator could be easily integrated into your Reporting Service reports. Start and Stop Characters could be defined easily.

  • Code 11 in SSRS - Reporting Services Code 11 barcode Creator a compact Component SDK that generates Code 11 barcode images in SSRS reports.

  • Code 2 of 5 (Industrial 2 of 5) in SSRS - Code 2 of 5, a.k.a. 2 of 5 Industrial, 2/5 Industrial, 2 of 5 Standard, Standard 2 of 5, 2/5 Standard, or Code 2/5. Reporting Services Code 2 of 5 barcode creator print Code 2 of 5 in Reporting Services.

  • Code 39 in SSRS - Code 39 Reporting Services Barcode Generator is written in managed C#. It generates Code 39 barcode images in Reporting Services reports. Extended Code 39 is supported.

  • Code 93 in SSRS - Code 93 is the compressed form of Code 39. With Reporting Services Creator Component SDK, it is easy to add Code 93 into your Reporting Services report.

  • Code 128 in SSRS - Reporting Services Code 128 Generator draws Code 128 images in Reporting Services report. Intelligent solution for code set selection is included.

  • EAN 8 in SSRS - EAN 8 is the shortest version of EAN barcodes. With Reporting Services EAN 8 Barcode Generator, EAN-8 could be inserted into the Reporting Services.

  • EAN 13 in SSRS - EAN 13 is a 13-digit numeric-only symbology. EAN 13 Reporting Services Barcode Creator may generate EAN 13 barcode images in SSRS.

  • GS1 128 (UCC/EAN 128) in SSRS - GS1 128 Reporting Services Barcode Generator can generate GS1-128 in your Reporting Services reports. The generated barcodes are 100% compatible with GS1 Barcode Standards.

  • GS1 DataBar for SSRS - As one of professional SSRS Barcode Generation Controls, GS1 DataBar Barcode Component for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is so simple for implementers to convert information of report into required barcode images in .NET Visual Studio.

  • Identcode in SSRS - It is simple to integrate Reporting Services with Identcode Barcode Creator Control with Xcopy deployment.

  • Intelligent Mail Barcode (OneCode) in SSRS - Reporting Services Intelligent Mail Barcode generator is entirely built in C#. Gif, Png, Jpeg, and Bitmap are supported.

  • Interleaved 2 of 5 in SSRS - Reporting Services Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode generator creates Interleaved 2/5 barcode images in Reporting Services report.

  • ISBN in SSRS - Reporting Services ISBN barcode creator prints ISBN to identify books. Add-on symbols are supported. Size customization is supported.

  • ISSN in SSRS - ISSN Reporting Services barcode creator may generate high quality ISSN barcode image in SSRS reports. Barcode symbol rotation is supported.

  • ITF-14 in SSRS - Reporting Services ITF-14 barcode generator is capable of generating ITF-14 barcode images in your Reporting Services reports.

  • Leitcode in SSRS - Reporting Services Leitcode barcode Creator package is a compressed SDK that can be easily integrated into your reports in SSRS.

  • MSI Plessey in SSRS - Reporting Services MSI Plessey barcode control prints high quality barcode images in Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

  • PLANET in SSRS - Reporting Services Planet barcode creator can generate Planet barcode images in your Reporting Services development environments.

  • POSTNET in SSRS - Postnet Reporting Services barcode creator control SDK can create Postnet bar codes in Reporting Services reports.

  • RM4SCC in SSRS - Reporting Services RM4SCC barcode generator component SDK can be easily integrated into server-side reports in SSRS.

  • UPC-A in SSRS - Reporting Services UPC-A barcode include auto checksum function that automatically generated and add check digit to UPC-A symbol.

  • UPC-E in SSRS - Reporting Services UPC-E barcode generator is used to generate the shortest version of UPC barcodes in Microsoft SSRS.

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