PDF-417 Generator Software generate, create 2d barcode PDF-417 images

PDF-417 Labels Printing using PDF-417 Generator for Windows

  • Mature and reliable PDF-417 Barcode Generator Software for Windows
  • Easy to generate PDF-417 images in BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WMF
  • Simple to install, no registration key, no activation code required
  • Copy-to-clipboard allows easy to paste PDF-417 barcode images into Microsoft Office and Adobe applications
  • Easy to generate PDF-417 with Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker and Quark XPress
  • Time saving to generate batch PDF-417 images
  • PDF-417 generated are compatible with latest barcode symbology ISO Standards
  • Reliable PDF-417 Generator Software using .NET Barcode Generator SDK

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  • QR Code Java - barcoding samples to generate QR Code 2D barcode images in Java applications.
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PDF-417 Software & Components

OnBarcode provides several PDF-417 barcode generating component, library, and SDK for you.


PDF-417 Barcode Generator Software - PDF-417 Customization Settings

Category Parameter Value Comments
Basic DATA Type: string
Default: "PDF417"
Barcode value to encode

PDF-417 Valid Data Char Set:
  • Text Compaction mode permits all printable ASCII characters to be encoded, i.e. values 32 - 126 inclusive in accordance with ISO/IEC 646 (IRV), as well as selected control characters.
  • Byte Compaction mode permits all 256 possible 8-bit byte values to be encoded. This includes all ASCII characters value 0 to 127 inclusive and provides for international character set support.
  • Numeric Compaction mode permits efficient encoding of numeric data strings.
  • Up to 811,800 different character sets or data interpretations.
  • Various function codewords for control purposes.

PDF 417
Default: true
Set the ProcessTilde property to true, if you want use the tilde character "~" to specify special characters in the input data. Default is true.
  • 1-byte character: ~0dd/~1dd/~2dd (character value from 000 ~ 255); ASCII character '~' is presented by ~126
    Strings from "~256" to "~299" are unused
  • 2-byte character (Unicode): ~6ddddd (character value from 00000 ~ 65535)
    Strings from "~665536" to "~699999" are unused
  • Programming for reader initialisation: ~rp.
    This should be located at the beginning of the encoding data, e.g. data = "~rpABCD1234".
  • ECI: ~7dddddd (valid value of dddddd from 000000 to 999999)

In parameter value, use "true" for true, "false" for false.
DATA-MODE Type: int
Default: 1
valid values:

  • 0 Auto
  • 1 Text
  • 2 Byte
  • 3 Numeric
ECL Type: int
Default: 2
Error correction level, values are from 0 to 8.
ROW-COUNT Type: int
Default: 3
The number of rows for PDF417. The value range is from 3 to 90. The default is 3.
Default: 5
Number of columns. The value range is from 1 to 30. The default is 5. Increase this value, if your data size is large.
TRUNCATED Type: bool
Default: false
truncated PDF417 may be used where space considerations are a primary concern and symbol damage is unlikely.

In parameter value, use "true" for true, "false" for false.
MACRO Type: bool
Default: false
Set isMacro property to true, then Macro PDF417 is enabled.

In parameter value, use "true" for true, "false" for false.
Default: 0
the position of current symbol in the secuence (Start with 0).
Default: 0
the number of total symbols which make the sequence.
Default: 0
be identified to the same file
Size Related UOM Type: int
Default: 0 (PIXEL)
Unit of meature for all size related settings.

Valid values:
  • 0 (PIXEL)
  • 1 (CM)
  • 2 (INCH)
X Type: float
Default: 2
Barcode bar module width, default is 3 pixel
X-Y-RATIO Type: float
Default: 0.3333333
Bar width vs bar height ratio
Default: 0
Barcode image width.

If BarcodeWidth setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum width, Online Barcode Generator will automatically reset to barcode minimum width.
Default: 0
Barcode image height.

If BarcodeHeight setting is smaller than the barcode required minimum height, Online Barcode Generator will automatically reset to barcode minimum height.
LEFT-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image left margin size.
RIGHT-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image right margin size.
TOP-MARGIN Type: float
Default: 0
Barcode image top margin size.
Default: 0
Barcode image bottom margin size.
Default: 72
Barcode image resolution in DPI (Dots per inch).
ROTATE Type: int
Default: 0
Valid values:

  • 0 (in roration angle 0 degree)
  • 1 (in roration angle 90 degree)
  • 2 (in roration angle 180 degree)
  • 3 (in roration angle 270 degree)

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