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Table 13-2 Sample Project Closure Survey
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Rewards and Recognition
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Most of us thrive on rewards and recognition We like to know that we are appreciated and recognized for the extra effort we put forth on project activities (the long hours, hard work, and sacrifices we make to do well) Therefore, as a project manager you need to make sure team members efforts and good deeds are rewarded, even if it s only a pat on the back and a nice note or letter to the team member and their boss Monetary rewards are great as well Remember, your team is the number-one asset on your project, and team members need to feel needed and appreciated
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Finding Homes for the Team and Assets
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Breaking up the team is always the hard part This is called the adjourning phase in the Bruce Tuckman model When it comes time to close a project, emotions are mixed Some PMs feel sad that the project is coming to an end, the project team is moving on to the next project, and the fear of the unknown (the next project and starting all over again) tends to creep in Some PMs are happy to see their hard work coming to successful
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13: Closing the Project: Are We There Yet
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closure and new project opportunities appearing just around the corner, where they can apply all the lessons learned and their new experience to the next big project This is no time to shortchange the team It is extremely important to work with each team member to find them a good project home to move to If you look out for the team members, they will look out for you We work in a small world, so don t be surprised when you go into a new project and find people you previously worked with are now your customer or boss (this has happened to me several times)
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Another measure of success for you as the project manager is when people are willing to work with you on the next project I view this as the biggest compliment one can receive The team (or at least key members of the team) is confident enough in your PM skills and ability to work with you again on future projects
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When it comes to finding a home for the assets, you need to be thorough and get transfer acceptance in writing Find a home for all the equipment and then properly transfer the equipment Cancel all appropriate software licenses or hardware leases, as needed The last thing you want to happen is to have a supplier call you three to six months after the project is closed down looking for payment of an invoice This has happened to many experienced PMs, and dealing with this situation is not fun especially when the project budget is closed
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Final Project Report
The primary purpose of the final report is to acknowledge the accomplishments of the project and to communicate to everyone involved that the project is officially complete A final project report should also thank all stakeholders and contributors as well as address who to contact if questions arise or if records are required after the project is closed Regardless of the size of the project, here are some fundamental steps that, if used, will help you ensure successful closure on your projects:
1 Use proven project management disciplines This includes using organizational assets
by documenting and managing scope baseline, change, risk, scope, time, and cost diligently
2 Review and report status frequently and honestly (I recommend weekly) 3 Ensure clear two-way communications (use active listening) 4 Work with the stakeholders to ensure they are focused on the closure activities 5 Be an advocate for your project team (catch them doing something right!)
PMP Certification: A Beginner s Guide
6 Verify the overall health of the project by asking yourself and the team the following
Were deliverables produced on time, within the approved scope, and within the approved budget Did the project satisfy the business requirements of the stakeholders (For example, was the problem solved or business result accomplished ) Has the project met the business value goals (Such goals might include cost savings, increased market share, and streamlined processes needed to improve quality) Most importantly, do the business owners (sponsors) believe the project was successful Did you deliver a quality product and meet stakeholder expectations Last but not least, document, document, document and communicate project results
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