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Adding Value to the Project
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There are ways to add value to a project without giving away the store How is this possible, you ask, especially given that value is often very difficult to measure You can add value by consistently showing integrity in how you manage the project Provide on-time and accurate status reports even if the story is not good being behind schedule or over budget are real situations, and you do not want to hide, ignore, or delay bad news in your status reports Always present the impact to the project in clear terms More importantly, present a plan of action or alternative options so the sponsor can make an informed decision on where the project needs to go next Try to anticipate the questions: If you were the customer, what would you want to know about a risk event and the possible impact Is it a threat or possible opportunity Is it going to cost more or delay the project in any way
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The Emerging World of Project Management
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Try This
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Building a Corral for Rodeo Animals
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Suppose you are the PM on a project to build a corral As your team is digging the post holes, they encounter an unforeseen event they hit solid rock The equipment is damaged, and the impact to the project is a two-week delay and a $1,000 repair to the equipment Because you are an experienced PM, you know the first step is to assess the situation You gather the team together and discuss the situation One of the team members mentions she has probed the ground around the rock and found that the soil is more favorable if the fence line were to be moved ten feet in from the original boundary This would allow the team to continue building the corral around the remaining property If you remain on the original fence line, you will need to bring in special equipment at great expense, and you not only have a delay, but also a big impact to the cost of the project What do you do Your answer should be to balance the competing demands: time, cost, and scope It is best to determine the priorities from the customer to determine what is more important Once the priority is clear and you realize that time is of the essence, it appears that moving the fence line in ten feet is the best approach It will save time and money You present this as the recommended option to the customer in the form of a change request Once this is approved (signed) by the customer, you direct the team to move the fence line and proceed with the project It is important to remember to report the status (finding) to your sponsor and other stakeholders honestly in a professional and timely manner Provide a best estimate of impact to the project You always want to provide the all-important recommended action plan as to how to best solve the problem and to keep it from happening again in the future This is how you add value and gain the much needed trust and confidence from the customer, other key stakeholders, and sponsors
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Case Study Introduction
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Now that we have walked through a couple real-world examples, I would like to introduce a case study that we will use throughout this book to help apply the concepts discussed along the way Many of my students frequently ask for real-world examples in a case study format that tie into the discussions in class concerning scope management, risk management, and so on Others have asked if there is a book with a real case study that builds over the course of
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PMP Certification: A Beginner s Guide
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the book and ties into the project management knowledge areas and process groups in the PMBOK So, by popular demand and in an effort to meet their request, here goes I have chosen this case study based on real-world examples that have occurred at a major events center in northern Colorado I think you will find these events informative, interesting, beneficial, and entertaining The objective is to learn from the experiences of this case study and to apply this experience to your own projects The best way to learn about project management successes is to see the events in action and if we can discuss events that are of an interesting nature, we may be able to have some fun along the way as well With permission from the Budweiser Events Center (BEC), I will showcase some of their event projects in this case study The center, located in a development called The Ranch, is owned by Larimer County and managed by Global Spectrum, a public assembly facility management company with more than 80 facilities throughout the United States and Canada We will start from the contract phase of the project, when an agent, manager, or promoter contacts the events center to host an event such as a concert, rodeo, ice skating show, or hockey game This case study will build from start to finish and tie into the PMI process groups and knowledge areas You will witness (in text) the setup for concerts and managing the change over to rodeos and then to ice hockey Through various interviews with the events center director, operations manager, and changeover project managers, you will see how The Ranch makes these events happen on time and on budget almost all the time We will start with Phase I of The Ranch facilities project, which includes six buildings and roughly 150 acres of site work First, let s look at some of the challenges of the project in designing facilities containing buildings adaptable to the hundreds of events hosted each year Then we will cover specific project management processes and methods used to help tie everything to project management The biggest challenge is clearly flexibility the ability to meet the needs of a multitude of events, especially considering the dangers presented by rodeo animals, flying pucks at hockey games, and sometimes demanding concert artists The next challenge is the logistics of transforming the center for a variety of events The venue must be adaptable with a reasonably short changeover time and be able to handle a wide range of lighting, sound, and video requirements, as well as scoreboards and so on On event day, the concerns are security, crowd control, merchandise sales, and food and beverage services Now that I have introduced the case study and set the stage (so to speak) on the many variables and challenges, let s move on to the different approaches used for these and other projects and some of the dilemmas that can occur
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