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While the Microsoft Access program is a popular database application, it does not scale well to large multi-user databases To solve this problem, you can leverage your existing Access applications, but migrate the Access data tables to a PostgreSQL server The existing Access applications can connect to the PostgreSQL tables using ODBC connectivity The PostgreSQL ODBC driver must be loaded on each system that requires access to the tables The PostgreSQL ODBC driver is included in the standard PostgreSQL installation package, or you can download it separately in the psqlODBC package After installing the PostgreSQL ODBC driver, you can create an ODBC session using the Windows ODBC Data Source Administrator program that is included in Windows XP Home and Professional, Windows 2000 Workstation and Server, and Windows 2003 Server Once the ODBC session is created, you can create linked tables in Access that link directly to the PostgreSQL tables Each linked table behaves exactly as a normal table in Access Access queries, forms, and reports can all be used as normal using the linked tables When migrating Access applications to PostgreSQL, you may have to also migrate data You can use the standard Access export feature to export table data to a text file After creating the duplicate table in PostgreSQL, use the \copy meta-command included in psql to import the text data file into the new PostgreSQL table The next chapter describes how to access a PostgreSQL database from your Microsoft NET applications The NET platform is the latest programming environment introduced by Microsoft PostgreSQL includes a library that can be used by NET applications to directly access a PostgreSQL database across a network
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Microsoft NET Framework
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PostgreSQL 8 for Windows
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he Microsoft NET Framework is the preferred programming environment for Microsoft Windows platforms Microsoft has developed the NET platform to allow multiple programming languages to interface using the same library files and development environment PostgreSQL also provides a development library for NET programmers You can create NET programs in Visual Basic NET, C#, and Visual C++ that can communicate with a PostgreSQL server This chapter describes the NET programming environment and shows how to use the PostgreSQL NET library to create Windows programs that interface with your PostgreSQL server
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In its relatively short history, the Microsoft NET technology has quickly become a popular programming platform for developing applications for Microsoft Windows workstations and servers Although most of the media attention has focused around the web capabilities of NET, there are many other features that are useful to Windows programmers The NET technology includes an application development environment for creating applications for use in any type of Windows environment: command-prompt applications, Windows Forms applications, and web-based ASPNET web applications and web services The new Microsoft NET development environment supports creating applications for each of these environments using different programming languages The popular Visual Basic NET language incorporates NET technology into the old Microsoft Visual Basic language that was the favorite of hobbyists and professional programmers alike The new C# programming language incorporates advanced object-oriented programming techniques similar to Java, while incorporating the NET technology libraries And finally, the Visual C++ programming language uses the industry-standard C++ programming language along with NET technology to create full-featured Windows and web applications The core of the NET technology is the Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment This environment enables programmers to create programs using a multitude of programming languages, and run them on any platform that supports the CLR The idea of the CLR is to provide a middle layer of application programming interfaces (APIs) that operate between the low-level Windows operating system Win32 API functions and the application code The layout of how application programs run in the CLR environment is shown in Figure 13-1 High-level applications written in various NET languages, such as Visual Basic NET, Visual C++, and C#, are compiled into a special intermediate language called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) The MSIL code is interpreted by the CLR as the program runs, similar to how Java works Any platform that supports the CLR can run application programs compiled into MSIL format Of course, legacy programs that do not use the CLR can still run on Windows platforms and directly access the low-level Windows Win32 APIs as before
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