What Are Objects in Windows PowerShell in VS .NET

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What Are Objects in Windows PowerShell
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One of Windows PowerShell s biggest differences from classic shells is that it works with objects instead of traditional strings An object is a package containing both data and information describing how to use the object The information about how to use the object is stored in methods The data that you can retrieve and sometimes modify is stored in properties
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PowerShell for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Administrators
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Let s check out an example of an object in PowerShell
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PS > $string = "My first String"
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This example writes a bit of text enclosed within double quotation marks and assigns the text to the variable $string In traditional languages, the variable would simply hold a string (nothing more than an encoded sequence of characters) But since Windows PowerShell works with objects containing rich data, $string is actually an instance of the NET SystemString class containing the various methods and properties available from the class Let s say we want to find out the length of the string We can do that by simply calling the Length property:
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PS > $stringLength 15
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When we call the Length property, Windows PowerShell returns the number 15, since "My first String" contains 15 characters Note that Windows PowerShell does not contain a library of string routines but uses NET to leverage the object containing methods and properties Let s compare the preceding example to VBScript When getting the length of a string in VBScript, we first need to create a variable holding the string, and then use the Len function on the string to retrieve its length
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strString = "My first String" Wscriptecho Len(strString)
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Even though both examples retrieve the same information, Windows PowerShell doesn t need to call an extra function, since the object itself contains the information Objects also contain methods that you can use If we want to present our string in uppercase, we could simply use the uppercase method that is available on the object:
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PS > $stringToUpper() MY FIRST STRING
If we want to achieve the same result with VBScript, we would need to use the
UCase function:
strString = "My first String" Wscriptecho UCase(strString)
Note that different types of objects contain different methods and properties, as you ll see in upcoming examples
What Are Windows PowerShell Cmdlets
Windows PowerShell offers many built-in cmdlets to help you in your daily work A cmdlet (pronounced command-let ) is a single-feature command that manipulates
Getting Started with PowerShell in SharePoint 2010
objects in Windows PowerShell You can easily recognize cmdlets by their verb-noun name, such as Get-ChildItem NOTE You can find a full list of the built-in cmdlets in your local Windows PowerShell help or its online version, at http://technetmicrosoftcom/en-us/library/dd315281aspx The Windows PowerShell product team publishes a set of guidelines for cmdlet designers, to make the process of finding and using the right cmdlet easier and more comprehensible Probably the most important of those is that a cmdlet s name should always be a verb-noun pair, and that it should start with an approved (vetted by Microsoft) verb Windows PowerShell V2 (released with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2) introduced a new guideline, which recommends prefixing nouns with a short unique technology-specific moniker, such as SP for SharePoint and AD for Active Directory Adding a prefix to the noun makes it easier to find cmdlets relating to a specific technology
SharePoint 2010 Cmdlets
The set of cmdlets shipped with Windows PowerShell is restricted to generic cmdlets and those designed for managing different aspects of the Windows operating system To ensure extensibility and allow other technologies such as SharePoint to make full use of its advantages, Windows PowerShell uses snap-ins Microsoft NET Framework assemblies that may contain custom Windows PowerShell cmdlets The SharePoint 2010 snap-in for Windows PowerShell contains more than 500 cmdlets that you can use to perform a large variety of administrative tasks This snap-in is loaded automatically when you run the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell If you start a standard PowerShell console, you need to load this snap-in manually in order to access the SharePoint 2010 cmdlets Two native Windows PowerShell cmdlets can help with this: Get-PSSnapin to retrieve information about all the snap-ins registered in the system, and Add-PSSnapin to actually load the snap-in into the current Windows PowerShell session The following example uses the Get-PSSnapin cmdlet with the switch parameter Registered to find the name of the SharePoint 2010 snap-in:
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