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India NASSCOM (National Association of Software & Service Companies) Bidhan Kankate P: +91 40 5536 6111, 6222 M: +98 493 37650 F: +91 40 5536 6333 E: bidhan@nasscomin W: wwwnasscomin Italy GUFPI-ISMA (Gruppo Utenti Function Point Italia Italian Software Metrics Association) Luca Santillo P: +39 339 7933980 E: lucasantillo@gmailcom W: wwwgufpi-ismaorg Japan JFPUG (Japan Function Point User Group) Shigeru Nishiyama (Adviser and technical officer for internationalization) P: +81 25 2262401 F: +81 25 2271021 E: s02nishiyama@cityniigatalgjp W: wwwjfpuggrjp Netherlands NESMA (Nederlandse Software Metrieken Gebruikers Associatie) Ton Dekkers (Vice President) P: +31 30 6961464 E: office@nesmanl or tdekkers@galorathcom W: wwwnesmanl Spain AEMES (Asociacion Espanola de Metricas de Software) Jose Carrillo Verdun P: +34 91 3366921 F: +34 91 3367412 E: jcarrillo@fiupmes or admon@aemesorg W: wwwaemesorg
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Appendix F:
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iSBSG Member Organizations
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Switzerland SwissICT Thomas Fehlmann P: +41 44 253 1306 F: +41 86079 332 7056 E: thomasfehlmann@e-p-ocom W: wwwswismach, wwwswissICTch USA SSCI (Systems and Software Consortium, Inc) Cheryl Parker P: +1 703 742 7310 F: +1 703 742 7350 E: parker@systemsandsoftwareorg W: wwwsystemsandsoftwareorg USA (International) IFPUG (International Function Point Users Group) Dan Bradley IFPUG Office P: +1 609 799 4900 F: +1 609 799 7032 E: ifpug@ifpugorg W: wwwifpugorg
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hen the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) was formed in 1994, one of the objectives written into the original charter was:
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To develop the profession of software measurement by establishing a common vocabulary and understanding of terms
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Consistent with this objective, the ISBSG has defined terms and metrics for the purposes of: Assisting in the collection of project data into the repository Standardizing the way the collected data is analyzed and reported What follows is a consolidated list of ISBSG definitions and terms used We hope this will help us to meet our charter We would appreciate any comments you may have to assist us in meeting this objective This glossary is divided into two parts Terms and Metrics and provides definitions of terms used in ISBSG documents This includes project data collection forms, publications, and data releases Some of these terms refer to items no longer collected by the ISBSG but which may be found in documents or analysis of earlier data Where appropriate, these definitions have been adjusted to align with international standards
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Adjusted function points (AFPs) A software size based on the functional size multiplied by the technical complexity adjustment The resultant adjusted size is reported in adjusted function points (AFPs) and applies to IFPUG Each of the following functional size measurement methods has its own mechanisms for moving from its equivalent of UFPs to its equivalent of AFPs, and each uses its own terminology (FiSMA, NESMA, and MARK II)
Practical Software Project Estimation
Application type
How the application is meeting the business area requirements Classification of an application as a type is according to its primary intended use The following is a list of common application types: 3D modeling or automation Artificial intelligence Catalog/register of things or events Customer billing/relationship management Decision support Device or interface driver Document management Electronic data interchange Executive information system Fault tolerance Financial transaction process/accounting Geographic or spatial information system Graphics and publishing tools or system Image, video, or sound processing Embedded software for machine control Job, case, incident, project management Logistic or supply planning and control Management information system (MIS) Management or performance reporting Mathematical modeling (finance or engineering) Network management Office information system Online analysis and reporting Operating system or software utility Personal productivity (for example, spreadsheet) Process control Software development tool Stock control and order processing Trading Transaction/production system Workflow support and management
Architecture The organizational structure of a system and its implementation guidelines This derived attribute for the project indicates if the application is stand-alone, multitier, client-server, or multitier with web public interface Business area type The business area within the organization that
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