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roomed from being hammered into the stack) or do not fit snugly. Tooling pins that do not hold the stack tightly in place or that allow the stack to move create a large variety of problems from burrs and other hole defects to poor registration or drill bit breakage. These unnecessary problems may be prevented by simply replacing tooling pins when they start to show signs of wear or damage. Use tooling pins that are hardened to minimize wear and deformation, and (ideally) 3/16 in in diameter. Pins that are less than 3/16 in in diameter (i.e., 1/8 in) do not hold the stack firmly in place during drilling and may result in stack movement.
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Machine variables that affect the drilling process are as follows and as shown in the fishbone diagram of Fig. 24.5.
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FIGURE 24.5 fied.
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Drilling machine elements, with major issues and special considerations identi-
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Air Quality. Maintaining high levels of air quality is important. Air supplied to the machine and the spindle assemblies needs to be clean and dry. This is accomplished by filters that remove dirt and moisture from the air. In areas where the relative humidity is high, or when using air-bearing-type spindles, an inline air drying and filtering system may be necessary to control air moisture levels and dirt. Moist air causes corrosion of air surfaces (such as the spindle sleeve and other spindle components operating on air) and reduces the life of these components, resulting in increased repair costs. Dirty air affects operation of components relying on air by clogging the channels that supply the air (e.g., to the spindle sleeves and table air shoes). In addition, dirt serves as an abrasive that causes faster wear of machine components, resulting in reduced life cycles between repairs, again increasing downtime and repair costs. Cleaning the machine air filters and purging air compressors and lines on a routine basis may minimize problems resulting from dirt or moisture.
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Using Barcode creator for .NET Control to generate, create barcode image in .NET applications. Connections and Pressure. Check connections, gauges, hoses, and switches for leaks and wear. Air hoses connected to the pressure foot pistons often crack near the piston connector; by simply bending the hoses in these areas it can be determined whether they are leaking. Other locations that commonly have poor connections and air leaks are the collet air connector on top of the spindle and the air manifold on the side of the spindle sleeve housing that supplies air to the collet and the spindle sleeve. Sufficient air pressure to both the collet and the spindle sleeve is critical and must be maintained adequately for proper operation.The tool table is designed to ride on a bearing of air supplied through the table air shoes. Verify proper operation of the air shoes by slightly rotating them back and forth; the shoes should move freely. If the shoes do not move with ease or do not move at all, the most likely reason is that the air channels are blocked due to trapped drilling debris, meaning the shoes need to be cleaned or replaced. Check the pressure foot air gauges for the correct air pressure; equal pressure must be supplied to each of the spindle stations. Insufficient or unequal air pressure results in burrs and increases the possibility of drill bit breakage.
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Vacuum Effective vacuum is absolutely essential because it greatly affects the resulting drilled hole quality. Heat (drilling temperature) seen by the hole walls depends on how effectively hot drilling chips are removed. Excessive temperature due to inefficient removal of drilling debris causes heat-related hole defects such as smearing and plowing, increases the opportunity for plugged holes, and is a major contributor to drill wear. Check hoses for proper connections, wear, and restrictions and examine the inside of the pressure foot for holes worn inside the connector attaching the vacuum hose.
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Tooling Bushings and Slots. Maintain tight tolerances on tool table bushings and slots and replace bushings that are sunken below the tool table surfaces or are worn. Bushings and slots that do not hold tooling pins snugly and allow stack movement during the drill stroke cause burrs, registration problems, and drill breakage. Subtooling. Avoid subtooling plates that overlap across individual tool table stations and fasten the plates securely to the base plates with no separation or gaps. Ensure the subtooling is not warped, does not vary significantly in thickness, and has no surface protrusions (such as broken drill bits) to allow stacks to lay flat and to minimize variation in drill bit penetration depth into the backup material. If your subtooling is other than metal, watch for potential shrinkage or expansion problems indicated by difficulties in fitting the pinned stacks to the existing pinning holes in the plates. If this problem occurs, the results are the same as those caused by bushings and slots that allow stack movement.
Spindles Spindle assemblies are one of the single most important components of the drilling machine. Proper operation is essential and requires maintenance (e.g., collet and collet seat cleaning) and verification on a regular basis. Collet Maintenance. For mechanical (ball) bearing spindles, cleaning of the collet and the collet seat (inside the spindle) needs to be performed a minimum of once per shift; dirty collets increase drill run-out. When processing certain laminate materials that create greater amounts of drilling dust, and depending on your vacuum system efficiency, a higher
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