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cleaning frequency may be necessary to maintain acceptable levels of drill run-out. It is recommended that after cleaning the collets be returned to the same spindle from which they were removed because collets tend to adjust to the respective collet seats. For air-bearing spindles, most manufacturers recommend cleaning the collets only when the run-out measures excessive. Run-Out Measurement. Drill/collet concentricity, or total indicated run-out (TIR), is a measure that indicates how true the assembly rotates. It can be determined while the spindle is running at various speeds (rpm), which is referred to as a dynamic form of measurement. Another method is performed while the spindle is not running and is called a static measurement. Static TIR is determined by rotating a 1/8-in (0.1250-in)-diameter pin installed into the collet by hand while reading movement on a dial indicator placed against the pin at a distance of approximately 0.800 in (simulating the distance of the drill point) from the collet nose (refer to Fig. 24.6). Of course, the pin used to measure TIR must itself be concentric.
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FIGURE 24.6 TIR measurement (static).
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Maximum acceptable TIR for drills greater than 0.0200 in in diameter is 0.5 mils (0.0005 in). When using drills 0.0200 in or less in diameter, the maximum TIR needs to be maintained within 0.2 mils (0.0002 in) to prevent drill breakage. If excessive TIR is noted, it is wise to replace the pin and again measure the run-out. Drill bit blanks make ideal pins for measuring TIR and may be acquired from drill bit suppliers. Excessive spindle run-out results in drill breakage, causes burrs and other drilled hole defects, and adversely affects hole registration accuracy. Excessive TIR may often be corrected by simply cleaning the collet and the collet seat or by replacing a worn collet. Measure the run-out of spindles of each machine at a minimum frequency of once per week. Spindle Speed. Maintaining correctly adjusted spindle speed is important because spindles running at speeds other than those displayed on the monitor imply that drill bits are rotating at surface speeds other than those that are desired.When actual rpm is higher than the displayed rpm, it implies higher surface speeds (refer to Sec. 24.4), and vice versa. Higher surface speeds cause greater frictional drill heat, resulting in faster drill wear and greater extents of heat-related hole defects such as smearing and plowing. Noncontact-type tachometers able to measure up to 150,000 rpm or more are available for around $300 (a lot less than the cost of rebuilding just one spindle) and allow measurement of actual spindle rpm in a matter of minutes. Verifying spindle speeds once every 6 months is usually sufficient.
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Using Barcode creation for Software Control to generate, create Data Matrix 2d barcode image in Software applications. Pressure Foot. The pressure foot insert lead distance to the point of the drill bit is set at approximately 0.050 in to give the pressure foot sufficient time to hold the stack flat before the drill bit contacts and enters the stack. If the lead distance is significantly less than the specified distance or if the drill bit point protrudes from the pressure foot, drill bits will break. To ensure the pressure foot assemblies function properly, check pressure foot inserts for wear or damage daily and verify that the pistons and guide rods are not bent and move smoothly. Adjustment. When adjusting the physical z-axis height of the spindle, for instance to accommodate a thicker subtooling plate, care must be taken to also adjust the pressure foot so its height remains identical relative to the spindle. The pressure foot adjustment is independent from the spindle and, if not performed correctly, may result in a gap between the bottom of the spindle casing and the top of the pressure foot window.This gap is noticed only while the spindle is engaged and will draw most of the vacuum air, effectively cutting off the vacuum from the pressure foot insert, resulting in a great variety of hole defects and drill bit breakage. If a gap is present, it is usually accompanied by great amounts of drilling debris spewed across the stacks and drilling machine.
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Mechanical Factors Heat (Coolant) Exchanger. Drill motor temperatures are reduced by exchanging a fluid through the spindles. The fluid is processed through a heat exchanger that works much like a car radiator.As with a car, it is important to maintain the recommended coolant mixture, proper fill level, and flow rate indicated by the flowmeter. Check the operation of the fan and minimize coolant flow restriction (due to algae buildup) by cleaning filters regularly. Algae growth is promoted through exposure to ultraviolet light and may be controlled by using black hoses instead of clear ones in addition to adding growth inhibitors to the coolant mixture. Hardware. Although simple to perform, checking mechanical connections for loose or worn parts (i.e., causing travel slop of pressure foot assembly movement) is often neglected. It may be accomplished by observing the machine while it is running or checking by hand while the machine is idle. Lead Screws and Servos. The environment and cleanliness of the drill room determine how often lead screws need to be cleaned and lubricated to ensure smooth operation and minimize wear. Most machine manufacturers recommend performing this type of maintenance every 6 months. When lubricating the lead screws, only a light coat of the appropriate grease needs to be applied. Excessive amounts of grease on the lead screws defeat the purpose, as this causes more dirt to be attracted, resulting in faster wear. Constant searching for programmed x-y locations indicates problems with the servo motors or lead screws. If this occurs, the displayed x or y (actual) location displayed on the controller will change continuously while the machine is stopped. z-Axis Stroke. Because machines may have as many as six mechanical connections in the z axis, travel slop during the drill stroke or retraction may occur, causing chip loads to vary during the stroke, which results in burrs and other hole defects and drill breakage. Check connections by hand for slop while the machine is idle and observe and listen for improper operation while the machine is running.
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Surfaces A clean drilling room decreases repair costs and the possibility of improper operation of the drilling machines. Wipe surfaces clean using a lint-free cloth or use a vacuum to remove debris.
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