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Figure 14-9: Like StarOffice, OpenOffice is an integrated suite of applications. Initially the suite opens with the OpenWriter window. You can select New from the file menu and then select a different application (see Figure 14-9). The application will open in a separate window. OpenOffice is still very much in development, but holds the promise of providing professional-level office applications integrated into the Gnome desktop.
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The personal version of Corel's WordPerfect word processor is now available for Linux and is free (it is included with OpenLinux). The personal version is a fully functional word processor. However, it does not currently support TrueType fonts and it does not allow you to import other objects, such as images. You can download WordPerfect from the Corel Web site at WordPerfect is more than just a word processor. You can use it to create drawings, spreadsheets, and charts, as well as to edit and publish Web pages. When you first start WordPerfect, a small window is displayed with the WordPerfect logo and four menus: Program, Preferences, Window, and Help. From the Program menu, you can select WordPerfect. In the Preferences menu, you can open a window with icons for configuring your printer, selecting fonts, choosing colors, and selecting conversion filters. The Window menu moves you to different open windows. WordPerfect provides many of the standard word processing features, including cut-and-paste operations, font and paragraph styles, and document formatting. The extensive features for WordPerfect are indicated by its set of toolbars. WordPerfect includes such editing features as Grammar-As-You-Go, which checks and highlights suspicious phrases and offers suggestions. With Spell-As-You-Go, words are identified that might be misspelled as you type them. Corel Versions keeps track of document revisions for workgroup collaboration. WordPerfect includes a chart and drawing tool for creating figures. You can perform drawing operations such as sizing and rotating images, as well as contouring text over image shapes. The drawing tool supports features such as gradients, patterns, and groupings. You can create a variety of different charts, including 3-D, area, and line charts. WordPerfect supports a number of spreadsheet functions with which you can create tables with spreadsheet cells. You can use such data to generate charts.
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You can also use WordPerfect as a Web page editor and publisher, adding or changing HTML components. Use WordPerfect to create your HTML document with hyperlinks and bookmarks, and then place them on your Web site. Any text beginning with an Internet protocol, such as www, ftp, and http, is automatically set up as a hyperlink. You can also save Web pages as WordPerfect documents for easy editing. Note WordPerfect supports an extensive number of file formats, including Microsoft Word files. With WordPerfect, you can effectively edit your Word files. WordPerfect also has its own file manager. You can use the file manager to locate and open files, but it also performs other operations. You can create directories and modify file permissions, as well as move and copy files.
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StarOffice is a fully integrated and Microsoft Office-compatible suite of office applications developed and supported by Sun Microsystems. It includes Web-enabled word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, e-mail, news, chart, and graphic applications (See Table 14-5). Versions of StarOffice exist for Linux, Windows, Mac, Solaris, and OS/2. With StarOffice, you can access Microsoft Office (including 2000) files and data to create spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents. You can save StarOffice documents in Microsoft formats or as HTML files that you can post on Web sites. Table 14-5: StarOffice Applications Description Main desktop window for StarOffice applications Word processor Presentation manager Drawing tool Chart and graph creator E-mail client Newsgroup client Mathematical formulas Image editor Spreadsheet Schedule manager Relational database
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Application StarDesktop StarWriter StarImpress StarDraw StarChart StarMail StarDiscussion StarMath StarImage StarCalc StarSchedule StarBase
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StarOffice is free for all noncommercial, private users, as well as students. You can download a free copy of StarOffice from the Sun Web site at The package is about 65 megabytes. The Web site also contains information such as online manuals and FAQs. Note Development for StarOffice is being carried out as an open source project called The core code for StarOffice is now open source, and anyone can
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download and use it. See the Web site at for more information. The code developed in the project will then be incorporated into future releases of StarOffice. Currently the word processor, presentation manager, drawing tool, chart tool, and spreadsheet are under open source development at StarOffice describes itself as implementing a task-oriented approach to office projects. You can complete an entire project using a variety of different tools in just one place, StarOffice. In addition, StarOffice applications are fully Internet-aware, enabling you to connect directly to Web sites and access information from your word processor, spreadsheet, or presenter. When you start up StarOffice, you are presented with the StarOffice desktop window. From here, you can create documents and access other StarOffice applications. The left pane in this window is the Explorer. This is a tree menu that lists the different resources you can use, such as an address book, a gallery of clip art, and FTP server URLs. The main window of the StarOffice desktop shows icons for applications you can use, your StarOffice documents, and other tools. You use StarOffice by creating projects. In a particular project, you can place resources such as images, Internet links, and e-mail messages, or office documents such as spreadsheets and word processing documents. To create a new document, click the New button in the bottom status bar and select the application you want to use from the pop-up menu. You can create spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentation files, mail messages, charts, images, mathematical formulas, and even Web pages (see Table 14-4). You can also create frame sets for use in Web page frames. Initially, windows are attached (docked) to the desktop window. You can unattach them to their own floating windows by double-clicking the gray area between them. StarOffice has its own mail and news clients. With StarMail, you can define mail accounts and access your e-mail, as well as compose and send messages. With StarDiscussion, you can access newsgroups, saving articles and posting your own. You can set up icons and entries for mail accounts and newsgroups on your desktop and Explorer window. The StarWriter word processor supports standard word processing features, such as cut and paste, spell checker, and text formatting, as well as paragraph styles. You can also insert objects in your text, such as images, diagrams, or text frames. Text can be configured to flow around them. A text frame can be further edited to create banner-like text, coloring, blending, and shaping text. The Navigator enables you to move through the document by page or by object, such as from one image to another. You can open and save documents in the MS Office, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and AmiPro formats. This means you can effectively edit MS Word documents with StarOffice. StarWriter also functions as a Web browser-capable of displaying HTML pages-and supports Java, JavaScript, Navigator, and Explorer plug-ins. At the same time, you can edit a Web page, turning StarWriter into a Web page editor. You can embed objects within documents, such as using StarChart to create a bar chart using data in the spreadsheet. With StarMath, you can create formulas that you can then embed in a text document.
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With the presentation manager (StarImpress), you can create images for presentations, such as circles, rectangles, and connecting elements like arrows, as well as vector-based illustrations. StarImpress supports advanced features like morphing objects, grouping objects, and defining gradients. You can also create animation effects and use layers to generate complex images. Any components from other StarOffice applications can be embedded in a presentation document. You can also import Microsoft PowerPoint files and save presentation files as HTML files. An AutoPilot Wizard for StarImpress walks you through the steps for creating a presentation. StarDraw is a sophisticated drawing tool that includes 3-D modeling tools. You can create simple or complex images, including animation text aligned on curves. You can use it to create buttons and icons for your Web page. StarSchedule provides scheduling and task management that can be used to coordinate efforts by a group of users. You can use it to track events and to-do lists, connecting automatically to the address book. StarSchedule includes a reminder system to display pop-up alerts and to send e-mail reminders. The StarSchedule server operates independently from StarOffice to provide scheduling services to any client on your network. StarBase is a relational database, somewhat like MS Access, which supports drag-and-drop operations for importing data to your StarOffice applications.
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