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Draw Denso QR Bar Code in Software B.5 Radio Control (R/C) Retailers

B.5 Radio Control (R/C) Retailers
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Tower Hobbies, P.O. Box 9078, Champaign, IL 61826-9078 (800) 637-6050 (217) 3983636 www.towerhobbies.com
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Denso QR Bar Code Creator In Visual C#.NET
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B.6 Servo and Stepper Motors, Controllers
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QR Code Creator In VS .NET
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Effective Engineering, 9932 Mesa Rim Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA 92121 (858) 4501024 www.effecteng.com FerretTronics, P.O. Box 89304, Tucson, AZ 85752-9304 www.FerretTronics.com Hitec RCD Inc., 12115 Paine Street, Poway, CA 92064 www.hitecrcd.com Medonis Engineering, P.O. Box 6521, Santa Rosa, CA 95406-0521 www.medonis.com Mister Computer, P.O. Box 600824, San Diego, CA 92160 (619) 281-2091 www.mister-computer.com Pontech (877) 385-9286 www.pontech.com Solutions Cubed, 3029 Esplanade, Suite F, Chico, CA 95973 (530) 891-8045 www.solutions-cubed.com Vantec, 460 Casa Real Plaza, Nipomo, CA 93444 (888) 929-5055 www.vantec.com
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B.7 Ready-Made Personal and Educational Robots
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ActiveMedia Robotics, 44 46 Concord Street, Peterborough, NH 03458 (603) 924-9100 www.activrobots.com Advanced Design, Inc., 6052 North Oracle Road, Tucson, AZ 85704 (520) 575-0703 www.robix.com Arrick Robotics, P.O. Box 1574, Hurst, TX 76053 (817) 571-4528 www.robotics.com General Robotics Corporation, 1978 South Garrison Street, #6, Lakewood, CO 802272243 (800) 422-4265 www.edurobot.com, Newton Research Labs, Inc., 4140 Lind Avenue Southwest, Renton, WA 98055 (425) 251-9600 www.newtonlabs.com Probotics, Inc., Suite 223, 700 River Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 (888) 550-7658 www.personalrobots.com
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B.8 Construction Kits, Toys, and Parts
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Valient Technologies (Inventa), Valiant House, 3 Grange Mills Weir Road, London SW12 0NE UK +44 020 8673 2233 www.valiant-technology.com
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Creating Data Matrix In Objective-C
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B.9 Miscellaneous
Paint Code 128 Code Set A In Visual Studio .NET
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Code39 Maker In Java
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Meredith Instruments, P.O. Box 1724, 5420 West Camelback Rd., #4, Glendale, AZ 85301 (800) 722-0392 www.mi-lasers.com Midwest Laser Products, P.O. Box 262, Frankfort, IL 60423 (815) 464-0085 www.midwewst-laser.com Synergetics, P.O. Box 809, Thatcher, AZ 85552 (520) 428-4073 www.tinaja.com Techniks, Inc., P.O. Box 463, Ringoes, NJ 08551 (908) 788-8249 www.techniks.com
Robot Information on the Internet
Electronics Manufacturers Shape-Memory Alloy Microcontroller Design Robotics User Groups General Robotics Information Books, Literature, and Magazines Surplus Resources Commercial Robots Video Cameras Ultrasonic Range Finders LEGO Mindstorms Sources on the Web Servo and Stepper Motor Information Quick Turn Mechanical and Electronics Parts Manufacturers
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C.1 Electronics Manufacturers
Analog Devices, Inc. www.analog.com/ Atmel Corp. www.atmel.com/ Dallas Semiconductor www.dalsemi.com/ Infineon (Siemens) www.infineon.com/ Microchip Technology www.microchip.com/ Motorola Microcontroller www.mcu.motsps.com/ Precision Navigation www.precisionnav.com/ Sharp Optoelectronics www.sharp.co.jp/ecg/data.html Xicor www.xicor.com/
C.2 Shape-Memory Alloy
www.toki.co.jp/BioMetal/index.html www.toki.co.jp/MicroRobot/index.html
C.3 Microcontroller Design
Peter H. Anderson Embedded Processor Control www.phanderson.com/
No-Parts PIC Programmer www.CovingtonInnovations.com/noppp/index.html Iguana Labs www.proaxis.com/~iguanalabs/tools.htm LOSA List of Stamp Applications www.hth.com/losa/ Myke Predko s Microcontroller Reference www.myke.com/ PICmicro Web Ring http://members.tripod.com/~mdileo/pmring.html Shaun s BASIC Stamp 2 Page www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Orchard/6633/index.html
C.4 Robotics User Groups
Seattle Robotics Society www.seattlerobotics.org/ Yahoo Robotics Clubs http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/theroboticsclub http://search.clubs.yahoo.com/search/clubs p_robotics The Robot Group www.robotgroup.org/ Robot Builders www.robotbuilders.com/ B-9 Builder s Club http://members.xoom.com/b9club/index.htm San Francisco Robotics Society www.robots.org/ Nashua Robot Club www.tiac.net/users/bigqueue/others/robot/homepage.htm Mobile Robots Group www.dai.ed.ac.uk/groups/mrg/MRG.html
Dallas Personal Robotics Group www.dprg.org/ Portland Area Robotics Society www.rdrop.com/~marvin/
C.5 General Robotics Information
Robotics Frequently Asked Questions www.frc.ri.cmu.edu/robotics-faq/ Legged Robot Builder http://joinme.net/robotwise/ Tomi Engdahl s Electronics Info Page www.hut.fi/Misc/Electronics/ Boondog Automation Tutorials www.boondog.com\tutorials\tutorials.htm Find Chips Search www.findchips.com/ Robotics Resources www.eg3.com/ee/robotics.htm Robotics Reference http://members.tripod.com/RoBoJRR/reference.htm Bomb Disposal Robot Resource List www.mae.carleton.ca/~cenglish/bomb/bomb.html Introduction to Robot Building www.geckosystems.com/robotics/basic.html Robot Building Information, Hints, and Tips www.seattlerobotics.org/guide/extra_stuff.html Suppliers for Robotics/Control Models and Accessories http://mag-nify.educ.monash.edu.au/measure/robotres.htm
Mobile Robot Navigation http://rvl.www.ecn.purdue.edu/RVL/mobile-robot-nav/mobile-robot-nav.html Robota Dolls www-robotics.usc.edu/~billard/poupees.html BASIC Stamp, Microchip Pic, and 8051 Microcontroller Projects www.rentron.com/ TAB Electronics Build Your Own Robot Kit Resource Page www.tabrobotkit.com Hila Research QBasic http://fox.nstn.ca/~hila/qbasic/qbasic.html Dennis Clark s Robotics www.verinet.com/~dic/botlinks.htm Dissecting a Polaroid Pronto One-Step Sonar Camera www.robotprojects.com/sonar/scd.htm Polaroid Sonar Application Note www.robotics.com/arobot/sonar.html General Robot Info www.employees.org:80/~dsavage/other/index.html Standard Technologies of the Seattle Robotics Society www.nwlink.com/~kevinro/guide/ Tech Wizards www.hompro.com/techkids/ Android Workshop www.tgn.net/~texpanda/library.htm Hacking RAD Robot www.netusa1.net/~carterb/radrobot.html BEAM Robotics http://nis-www.lanl.gov/robot/
C.6 Books, Literature, and Magazines
Robotics Book Reviews www.weyrich.com/book_reviews/robotics_index.html Robot Books www.robotbooks.com/ Lindsay Publications www.lindsaybks.com/ Circuit Cellar www.circellar.com/ Midnight Engineering www.midengr.com/ Robotics Bookstore www.bectec.com/html/bookstore.html Robohoo www.robohoo.com/
C.7 Surplus Resources
Silicon Valley Surplus Sources www.kce.com/junk.htm
C.8 Commercial Robots
Electrolux Vacuum Robot www.electrolux.se/robot/meny.html Gecko Systems Carebot www.geckosystems.com/ iRobot www.irobot.com
IS Robotics www.isr.com/ Nomadic Technologies www.robots.com/products.htm
C.9 Video Cameras
Logitech QuickCam www.quickcam.com/
C.10 Ultrasonic Range Finders
Ultrasonic Imaging Project http://business.netcom.co.uk/iceni/usi_project/ Interfacing Polaroid Sonar Board www.cs.umd.edu/users/musliner/sonar/
C.11 LEGO Mindstorms Sources on the Web
LEGO Mindstorms home page www.legomindstorms.com/ LEGO Mindstorms Internals www.crynwr.com/lego-robotics/ RCX Software Developer s Kit (from LEGO) www.legomindstorms.com/sdk/index.html RCX Internals http://graphics.stanford.edu/~kekoa/rcx/ RCX Tools http://graphics.stanford.edu/~kekoa/rcx/tools.html Scout Internals (from LEGO) www.legomindstorms.com/products/rds/hackers.asp
LEGO Dacta (educational arm of LEGO) www.lego.com/dacta/ Pitsco (educational second sourcing for LEGO) www.pitsco-legodacta.com/ LUGNET Newsgroups (technical LEGO discussion boards; robotics group is largest) www.lugnet.com/ NQC (Not Quite C); (popular alternative programming environment for RCX) www.enteract.com/~dbaum/nqc/ Gordon s Brick Programmer www.umbra.demon.co.uk/gbp.html LEGO on My Mind http://homepages.svc.fcj.hvu.nl/brok//LEGOmind/ Mindstorms Add-Ons http://www-control.eng.cam.ac.uk/sc10003/addon.html MindStorms RCX Sensor Input www.plazaearth.com/usr/gasperi/lego.htm
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