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Your computer s connection to the Internet, or to your own home network, is probably made using the Ethernet networking technology and the TCP/IP (Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) communications protocols. You can buy inexpensive microcontrollers that implement these systems. Using Internet communications provides a way for your robot to communicate over existing computer networks. And yes, you should probably check out Jan Axelson s Embedded Ethernet and Internet (Lakeview Research, 2003).
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Once you have designed your robot using one of these communications techniques, you can buy a radio communications box to remove the wires between the robot and the operator.
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CHAPTER 15 Communication
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There have been radio modems on the market for many years, and before them the ham radio operators had packet radio. These days wireless networks are big news, with 802.11 b wireless Ethernet hubs and transceivers and their relatives. Using these inexpensive networks can give you an easy way to operate your robot remotely. There are problems with most wireless systems, however. If you have ever carried a laptop around a wireless access point, such as a co ee shop or your living room, you may notice that the signal strength varies from one place to another. There will be dead spots where the network doesn t work at all. If you are relying on your wireless connection to drive your robot, what do you do when the connection is broken This is where semi-autonomous robots are useful again, because they are able to function without explicit control. Once the robot relocates a wireless signal, it can take on new instructions. When it is in a dead spot it can operate on its own. Radio waves are not the only wireless communications technology. You can also talk to your robot using light, though this will only work if the robot can see the light. Television remote controls use infrared (IR) light to send commands. The Mindstorms base station uses IR to program the robot controller. The RCX Send IR Message can send messages to another controller, while the IR Message sensor receives messages.
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Raw data is good for talking computer to computer, but there are times when you want to communicate with a robot directly. The traditional keyboard, mouse, and monitor provide a standardized way to interact with machines. A more physical interface could be a control panel on the robot itself, consisting of lights, buttons, knobs, and dials. These components were common on old-time robots, especially old-time movie depictions of robots. A facsimile of a control panel can be generated using a modern LCD screen with touch-input capability, like those on palm-top and notepad computers. Since you can buy a web camera with a microphone for about $50, you can give your robot eyes and ears. It is theoretically possible to communicate with a robot the same way as you communicate with another human, using speech and gestures. MIT has projects exploring these forms of communication with their Cog, Kismet, and other robots. Other universities are also exploring this territory to good e ect.
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The ultimate goal is for machines to interact with people as e ciently as people interact with other people a goal that is still far in the future, but in just a few decades it has left the realm of science ction and is now a very real possibility. Academia is not the only place where advanced interfaces are created. Some games use cameras to watch the player, who controls their avatar in the game using gestures and other body language.
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There are many levels of communication in a robot system. Internally, there are feedback loops that serve to keep the mechansisms in balance and on track. At a higher level the control software manuals the operation of these low-level re exes. Above that, the robot needs guidance and this is where the human steps into the picture. Sometimes the robot is an extension of human senses and limbs, o ering telepresence and teleoperation. Other times, though, there are technical reasons why simple telerobotics won t work so you have to build more exibility and smarts into your robot, making it semi-autonomous. A fully independent robot could have value in some situations, but we normally want at least supervisory control over our creations. Once it is decided that a robot should be remotely controlled, there are a number of technologies that can enable this control from simple wires and switches to old-fashioned parallel and serial control protocols, to the newer USB and Ethernet. The robot builder doesn t normally have to worry about the mechanisms of communication, since microcontrollers and computers tend to have one or more communication modules built in. You can even buy inexpensive chips that run TCP/IP over Ethernet. The future of robot communication may be direct visual and vocal interaction with humans, though for now our communication is limited to data sent over wires, radio waves, and light beams.
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