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this book Well, in reading this book and building a few robots you gain entry into and become part of the ongoing robotic evolution. Creativity and innovation do not belong to only those with college degrees. Robot building is not restricted to Ph.D.s, professors, universities, and industrial companies. By playing and experimenting with robots you can learn many aspects of robotics: artificial intelligence, neural networks, usefulness and purpose, sensors, navigation, articulated limbs, etc. The potential is to learn first hand about robotics and possibly make a contribution to the existing body of knowledge on robotics. And to this end amateur robotists do contribute, in some cases creating a clever design that surpasses mainstream robotic development. As the saying goes, look before you leap. The first question to ask yourself when beginning a robot design is, What is the purpose of this robot What will it do and how will it accomplish its task My dream is to build a small robot that will change my cat s litter box. This book provides the necessary information about circuits, sensors, drive systems, neural nets, and microcontrollers for you to build a robot. But before we begin, let s first look at a few current applications and how robots may be used in the future. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the U.S. military build the most sophisticated robots. NASA s main interest in robotics involves (couldn t you guess) space exploration and telepresence. The military on the other hand utilizes the technology in warfare.
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NASA routinely sends unmanned robotic explorers where it is impossible to send human explorers. Why send robots instead of humans In a word, economics. It s much cheaper to send an expendable robot than a human. Humans require an enormous support system to travel into space: breathable atmosphere, food, heat, and living quarters. And, quite frankly, most humans would want to live through the experience and return to Earth in their lifetime. Explorer spacecraft travel through the solar system where their electronic eyes transmit back to Earth fascinating pictures of the planets and their moons. The Viking probes sent to Mars looked for life and sent back pictures of the Martian landscape. NASA is developing planetary rovers, space probes, spider-legged walking explorers, and underwater rovers. NASA has the most advanced telerobotic program in the world, operating under the Office of Space Access and Technology (OSAT).
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NASA estimates that by the year 2004, 50 percent of extra vehicle activity (EVA) will be conducted using telerobotics. For a complete explanation of telerobotics and telepresence, see Chap. 9. Robotic space probes launched from Earth have provided spectacular views of our neighboring planets in the solar system. And in this era of tightening budgets, robotic explorers provide the best value for the taxpayer dollar. Robotic explorer systems can be built and implemented for a fraction of the cost of manned flights. Let s examine one case. The Mars Pathfinder represents a new generation of small, low-cost spacecraft and explorers. Mars Pathfinder (Sojourner) The Mars Pathfinder consists of a lander and rover. It was launched from Earth in December of 1996 on board a McDonnell Douglas Delta II rocket and began its journey to Mars. It arrived on Mars on July 4, 1997. The Pathfinder did not go into orbit around Mars; instead it flew directly into Mars s atmosphere at 17,000 miles per hour (mph) [27,000 kilometers per hour (km/h) or 7.6 kilometers per second (km/s)]. To prevent Pathfinder from burning up in the atmosphere, a combination of a heat shield, parachute, rockets, and airbags was used. Although the landing was cushioned with airbags, Pathfinder decelerated at 40 gravities (Gs). Pathfinder landed in an area known as Ares Vallis. This site is at the mouth of an ancient outflow channel where potentially a large variety of rocks are within reach of the rover. The rocks would have settled there, being washed down from the highlands, at a time when there were floods on Mars. The Pathfinder craft opened up after landing on Mars (see Fig. 1.1) and released the robotic rover. The rover on Pathfinder is called Sojourner (see Fig. 1.2). Sojourner is a new class of small robotic explorers, sometimes called microrovers. It is small, with a weight of 22 pounds (lb) [10.5 kilograms (kg)], height of 280 millimeters (mm) (10.9 ), length of 630 mm (24.5 ), and width of 480 mm (18.7 ). The rover has a unique sixwheel (Rocker-Bogie) drive system developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) in the late 1980s. The main power for Sojourner is provided by a solar panel made up of over 200 solar cells. Power output from the solar array is about 16 watts (W). Sojourner began exploring the surface of Mars in July 1997. Previously this robot was known as Rocky IV. The development of this microrover robot went through several stages and prototypes including Rocky I through Rocky IV.
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