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Getting the BEAM guide
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Complete 120-page BEAM guides may be purchased for $20.00. Make checks payable to the University of California: BEAM Games. For current information call or write to:
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BEAM Robot Olympics c/o Mark W. Tilden Mail Stop D449 Los Alamos National Labs Los Alamos, NM 87545 (505) 667-2902 The internet address for the BEAM games is
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Join in
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The BEAM competitions are open to all robotists. You can enter a robot in the competition or just attend the event for fun. Contact the BEAM Robotic Olympics, address given above for up-to-date information. The following internet site provides plans for building a simple solar roller robot:
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%%%%%%%% ############# Team LRN Behavioral-based robotics, neural networks, nervous nets, and subsumption architecture
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Telepresence robot
IN THIS CHAPTER WE WILL BUILD A TELEPRESENCE ROBOT (T-bot). Telepresence robots are expanding into a variety of science, entertainment, business, military, exploratory, and industrial applications as was illustrated in Chap. 2.
What s in a name
The late science fiction writer Robert Heinlein is credited as the first person to predict the use of telepresence robots in his 1940 science fiction novel titled Waldo. In the story, a human operates mechanical puppets, called waldos, to do his bidding from a remote location. Rather than use the term waldo, I found the word golem from Yiddish mythology more suitable. The story of the golem describes a human spirit who intentionally places itself in a clay figurine. The spirit controls the clay figurine, bidding it to do that which the spirit would not or could not do in its human form. Once the golem s work is finished, the spirit returns to its human form. This definition adequately describes the new science of telepresence. I therefore have named my telepresence robot Golem I.
What is telepresence
Telepresence is a high-fidelity form of remote control that attempts to project the senses of the human operator into a robot at a distant site. The feedback interfaces used to create a telepresence system are the same as used in virtual reality (VR). Figure 9.1 illustrates a basic telepresence system. In virtual reality we achieve immersion into a synthetic computergenerated environment by fooling our senses, as best we can, to
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Telepresence robot
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Radio Link Camera Eyes Display Robot
Human Slave Movement Master
9.1 Outline of a basic telepresence system
believe in and interact with the computer s synthesized environment. In telepresence the environment is real but remote. So, instead of a computer generating a synthetic environment, the sensors placed on the remote robot feed all spatial and environmental information to the user, in such a way that the user actually feels that he or she is there.
On this human side, as stated before, the same VR equipment is used to provide sufficient information from the remote sensors to fool our senses into believing that the environment is real and present. Different levels of presence are achieved depending upon the fidelity of the interfacing devices. A humanoid robot that could accurately follow human movement, gestures, locomotion, and balance while providing visual, thermal, tactile, and force reflection over its entire exoskeleton to the human operator would be a perfect golem. The illusion created is that the operator has merged or is contained within the robot structure. Current telepresence systems fall quite short of this goal. In many cases the remote robot is a vehicle, like the one we shall build. The best telepresence existence available using these rudimentary T-bots allows one to believe he or she is actually driving the vehicle from inside. T-bots can be built to explore and operate in harsh or hazardous environments. A partial list of remote environments include arctic waters, ocean floors, forest fires, active volcanoes, nuclear reactors, the Moon, Mars, or anything in between.
System substructure
The framework upon which we will build our T-bot is a radiocontrolled (R/C) electric car. Ideally the model car should have
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