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Unit of Measure Conversion
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Well, it s finally here the standard ability to create a method to perform Unit of Measure conversions both in the query and in the upload process. This has been a thorn in the side of many companies during the last several years, and there has been numerous home-grown options developed out of the need to do this. If I had a nickel for every time I created a query with quantity and the results were the infamous * wildcard or MIX (identifying to the business user that there are mixed UOM in the column and that the results are not consistent), I would be a millionaire. Now, we can avoid that entire conversation and just say, Yes, we do support that functionality as a standard part of our process. This is a very helpful component to understand and be able to configure. I have already used it in all the implementations for the 7.0 version of BW that have quantities. We will focus on the BEx Query conversion and not the upload conversion, but the two do intersect in terms of the setup of the InfoObjects to support this process. Quantity conversion allows you to convert key figures with units that have different units of measure in the source system into a uniform unit of measure in the BI system. This function enables the conversion of updated data records from the source unit of measure into a target unit of measure (or into different target units of measure) if the conversion is repeated. In terms of functionality, quantity conversion is structured similarly to currency translation. In part, it is based on the quantity conversion functionality in SAP NetWeaver Application Server. Simple conversions can be performed between units of measure that belong to the same dimension (such as meters to kilometers and kilograms to grams). You can also perform InfoObject-specific conversions for example, two palettes (PAL) of material 4711 were ordered, and this order quantity has to be converted to the stock quantity carton (CAR). Quantity conversion is based on quantity conversion types. The business transaction rules of the conversion are established in the quantity conversion type. The conversion type is a combination of different parameters (conversion factors and source and target units of measure) that determine how the
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SAP Business Information Warehouse Reporting
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conversion is performed. The quantity conversion type is stored for future use and is available for quantity conversions in the transformation rules for InfoCubes and in the Business Explorer. In the transformation rules for InfoCubes, you can specify for each key figure or data field whether quantity conversion is performed during the update. In certain cases, you can also run quantity conversion in user-defined routines in the transformation rules. In the Business Explorer, you can establish a quantity conversion in the query definition and translate quantities at query runtime. Translation is more limited here than in the query definition. Figure 13-2 shows the positioning of the UOM conversion both in the upload process and in the execution of the query.
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NOTE The new conversion-type approach in BW 7.0 supports the use of the two-tier/step method.
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Therefore, if you have conversion steps of Pallet-to-Box and then Box-to-Each, the conversion type will be able to convert from Pallet to Each. The conversion of units of measure is required to convert business measurements into other units. Business measurements encompass physical measurements that are either assigned to a dimension or are nondimensional. Nondimensional measurements are understood as countable measurements (palette, unit, and so on). You differentiate between conversions for which you only need to enter a source and target unit in order to perform the conversion, as well as conversions for which specifying these values alone is not sufficient. For the latter, you have to enter a conversion factor derived from a characteristic or a characteristic combination (compound characteristic) and the corresponding properties. Measurements of length Conversions within the same dimension ID (T006-DIMID; for example, length). 1 m = 100 cm is a linear correlation. Both meter and centimeter both belong to the dimension ID LENGTH.
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