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SAP standard software and consulting services are complemented by a comprehensive partnership program to help customers fulfill their needs and to help SAP cope with the strong demand for supporting the R/3 system, implementations, additional industry solution developments, new add on products, training, business process reengineering consulting, outsourcing, and so on. In 1997 SAP introduced the TeamSAP concept, a significant step in the SAP partner policy and strategy of aiming for efficiency when implementing R/3, with the objective of providing end to end service to customers during the full system life cycle. TeamSAP is defined as a symbol of distinction of the best SAP 19
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Partners and partner resources, and includes three main areas: persons, processes, and products. SAP has the following types of TeamSAP partners: Consulting partners. The world's biggest consulting and multinational system integration organizations provide solid experience in technology, industry solutions, and SAP implementations. Because of their worldwide presence, SAP calls them global logo partners. On the national scale, there are many smaller and highly professional consulting firms specializing in SAP projects, customizing, and certain industry areas. These are known as national logo partners. Technology partners. These are leading hardware and software vendors of databases, networking, hardware, operating systems, and add on products that are tightly integrated in SAP systems. Value added resellers. System vendors which provide support to small and medium sized companies to implement SAP solutions. Complementary Software Partners. These include software companies that develop add on products and solutions certified to work with SAP products. Outsourcing partners. These are organizations that have the resources and knowledge to run and outsource customers R/3 installations. R/3 Complementary Software Certification As previously stated in this chapter, a strategic move by SAP to maintain and further advance its leadership in the client/server market with R/3 is the integration of third party software that adds value to SAP's solutions. SAP has established a certification program for the interfacing between SAP applications and third party software to guarantee ready to use solutions for mutual customers. All third party software must be certified by SAP through this program, which has already certified addon solutions in the areas of plant data collection devices, process control systems, EDI translators, optical archives, CAD, product management data, laboratory information management systems, mobile data collection systems, and geographical information systems. To date, there are already more than 100 partners with certified solutions.
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Description of R/3
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From previous sections, it became clear what the use of this software system is and who decides to implement it: SAP R/3 controls business processes and manages essential company information. Enterprises needing those services implement this standard software. To manage the complex business needs of companies, the R/3 product family offers leading technology solutions: Multitier client/server architecture. Based on middleware for supporting open systems technology. Business Framework architecture, open to total integration with other components and applications, including the Internet world. This is achieved by the use of standard Business Application Program Interfaces (BAPIs). Homogeneous user interface among applications. Comprehensive development environment. Total application integration. Solution Sets for configuring the system. Wide range of services including hotline support, training, consulting, quality checks, and so on. Complete support for solving all the problems arising from the millennium change (Y2K) and the 20
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Partners appearance of the new European currency, the euro. Figure 1 10 shows the R/3 components from a functional point of view. The overall SAP R/3 system is represented by everything included inside the ellipse.
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Figure 1 10: SAP R/3 components. The lower layer is made of the operating system, physical database (whose software is included in the SAP kit), and the network. The middleware layer, which is above it, interfaces with the lower one and integrates the SAP R/3 applications on top of it. This middle layer is known as the basis system, as the basis system, and includes components such as the ABAP development workbench, the system administration tools, batch job handling, authorization and security management, and all cross application modules. ABAP/4 is a fourth generation programming language that was used to develop all R/3 application modules. When releases 4.0 and 4.5 were introduced, and SAP's strategy began to focus on object orientation, it was decided to rename the programming language to simply ABAP, abandoning the 4 in reference to fourth generation. 7, "Introduction to the ABAP Development Workbench," gives an overview of the R/3 development components. Middleware are the layered software components that facilitate the development of client/server applications that can be deployed in heterogeneous vendor platforms. The basis system, also known as the kernel, is the SAP R/3 middleware. The upper layer, the functional layer, contains the different business applications: financial, human resources, sales and distribution, materials management, and so on. The integration of all applications relies on the basis system. SAP defines client / server also from a business solution point of view: a technology concept that leverages computing power to link core business processes with software, tying together various functions, such as financials, human resources, sales and distribution, logistics, and manufacturing. A very common way for SAP to illustrate the R/3 system is the one shown earlier in Fig. 1 5, with the R/3 kernel system providing the necessary integration and infrastructure for the R/3 applications. The R/3 kernel makes use of standard communications and application program interfaces to access the operating system, the database, and the network. This kernel layer is located below the application logic and data layers of the system and operates independently from the applications. This architecture allows users to change system configuration and install new systems without interrupting or altering the applications themselves. 21
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