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In this chapter, we have seen the excellent communication techniques that allow Barack Obama to drive home his points so effectively. Leaders have much to garner and apply from his successes. When constructing remarks, for example, highly effective communicators prioritize and focus well, casting aside lower priority issues and shining a light on ideas of greatest importance. They draw on a wide range of valuable rhetorical devices to promote assertively the most significant ideas and themes. Rhetorical questions help crystallize attention on key ideas. Repetition and parallel paragraph structures emphasize key points and help build to a climax. Alliteration draws attention
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to key words and adds a musical eloquence to speech. A choice to omit conjunctions enables skilled speakers to pick up speed, presenting emphatic words. Adding extra conjunctions amplifies points and creates a multiplier effect. When leveraging the power of three, skilled communicators underscore key points, building momentum or enhancing a sense of logic. Communicating with slogans and refrains helps leaders emphasize themes to be remembered.
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arack Obama has delivered a striking number of momentum-building, election-winning speeches. Underlying this success is his power to persuade. Persuasion is central to effective leadership. It is the act or, as some would say, the art of influencing someone to do something by advising, encouraging, or convincing them. Beyond informing, persuasion involves ways of conveying information that convince listeners to agree with a particular perspective. The goal is to get to yes, a nod, or that glimmer in the eye of a listener that indicates you ve achieved agreement you ve gotten through and the listener is embracing your ideas. Persuasion plays a central role in enabling leaders to motivate and guide others to achieve designated goals. It is considered so
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central to effective leadership that scores of books have been written on variations of the topic the power of persuasion, the importance of persuasion, the craft of persuasion. Barack Obama s persuasive speeches have become core tools that have enabled his success. His persuasive power is evident through the 2 million individual donors he motivated to contribute to his 2008 presidential campaign. Obama s notable ability to persuade is also evidenced through the tremendous momentum he experienced in his 2008 primary campaign, his ability to fill a stadium with as many as 75,000 eager listeners, and his success in drawing a German audience of 200,000 for a single speech. What is Barack Obama doing that people find so compelling How has his effective communication style persuaded so many people to consider his views How does he inspire people to embrace and ultimately support his vision of the future and of change We have much to learn from his practices how he sequences ideas, answers nonrhetorical questions, addresses objections, uses antithesis, and crystallizes his points through juxtaposition, comparisons, and contrasts.
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There are many dimensions to persuasion, and many types of tools can facilitate effective persuasion. Body language plays a role. Oratory delivery techniques make an impact. Voice and intonation can sway listeners, as can techniques such as employing dramatic pauses, using emphatic words, and employing effective gestures. Descriptive language paints lucid pictures and also serves the cause. In addition, Barack Obama demonstrates
that other key practices aid the quest to persuade. As a master of the craft, several of Obama s additional practices are worth exploring.
Barack Obama illustrates that orators skilled in the art of persuasion know how to create a strong sense of logic to their ideas and remarks. The clarity of their reasoning is apparent and they demonstrate the merit of their ideas with sharp arguments. One key to creating a strong sense of logic involves sequencing ideas. There is no right order, as such only an effective order. The listener must be able to understand the flow of thoughts and find that this flow makes logical, compelling sense. This lays the foundation for agreement. Sequencing information should help achieve the goal of conveying ideas effectively and, if possible, help elicit a yes or a nod. In his public remarks, Obama sequences his ideas and themes well. It is possible to observe his sequencing within concise series of sentences. For example, during his 2004 keynote address, Obama sequenced his ideas in a way that conveyed logic and strong determination: We have real enemies in the world. These enemies must be found. They must be pursued, and they must be defeated. Obama also sequences ideas and themes in parallel order, paragraph by paragraph, which lends his remarks a strong sense of order and helps persuade the listener. In the following exam-
ple, Obama structured his points with themes that sequenced effectively one after the other, by paragraph successfully reinforced his commitment to the community and ultimately helped persuade many listeners of his sincere dedication to their interests: I walked away from a job on Wall Street to bring job training to the jobless and after school programs to kids on the streets of Chicago. I turned down the big-money law firms to win justice for the powerless as a civil rights lawyer. I took on the lobbyists in Illinois and brought Democrats and Republicans together to expand health care to 150,000 people and pass the first major campaign finance reform in twenty-five years; and I did the same thing in Washington when we passed the toughest lobbying reform since Watergate. I m the only candidate in this race who hasn t just talked about taking power away from lobbyists; I ve actually done it.1 [Emphasis added] For leaders seeking to develop outstanding communication skills, a best practice is to sequence your ideas in a highly effective manner. Make sure to communicate your points so that you make compelling sense.
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