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Information Density
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The beauty of streaming media, in a time-pressed world, is that lots of information can be delivered in a very short amount of time, using a variety of rich media. For example, with streaming media, it is possible to deliver material edited together with far more cuts and jumps than would be acceptable on a mass medium like broadcast television. Also, it is possible to have several players open at once, all streaming different content. Textual sidebars can be viewed while the video plays. Voiceover sidebars could talk to you in your left ear, while the soundtrack of the video continues in your right ear. People who engage in streaming video chat commonly view multiple conversation partners at the same time. In fact, services like PalTalk default to three video windows simultaneously.
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The Medium
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Many people are very comfortable with such multitasking. In many US homes today, people have the television on, while they surf the Net. Children quite comfortably do their homework with music playing, or play computer games while holding a conversation with friends. Attention is captured in fleeting moments. People are not glued to one program or the other, but spend their time noticing bits of each, at different times. To some, delivery of information with this intensity sounds like hell. To others, it is just the thing to get through lots of perhaps semisuperfluous information very quickly. What is important is that the medium grants control over the density of the information delivered. Television, with its measured and fixed delivery, does not enable the viewer to upload information any more rapidly than the program producer dictates.
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Tracing Sources
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One of the empowering features of streaming media relates to factual reporting of news events. Today, when you see a news report, you only see what the editor wants you to see. The majority of footage shot never gets broadcast. However, with streaming media, not only can the news editor deliver a concise summary of the news event, he or she can also leave links to the rushes shot. People can choose to view every frame of video that the reporter has shot. This is a nice feature, because it prevents reporters from distorting the story, through selective use of imagery. The story can neither be sensationalized and conflated, nor minimized and whitewashed. Indeed, it may add credibility to a news organization to include links to all source material, including documents and historical footage. The public may come to trust only those news organizations that allow first-person access to underlying material, without the editorial bias and inevitable distortions that news production brings. Broadcast television will struggle to replicate this feature. It may do so by using companion media, like Web sites tied to the news stories being broadcast, but ultimately streaming media allows seamless access on a single receiving device.
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Trust Networks
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Beyond letting you check and interpret sources for yourself, streaming media could allow you to establish trust networks, where you collect the
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names of reporters whose opinions you are willing to believe and respect. With such a trust network, you could verify that a streaming media report originated from a trusted source and had not been tampered with, through the use of digital signatures. As with a favorites list on a Web browser, you could keep track of favorite pundits and commentators. Indeed, with such trust networks, you might be able to chat live with the commentator. You could also meet other people who had the trusted commentator on their lists and through this contact, find other trustworthy sources of information. To build trust, sources that wish to be seen as trustworthy could disclose their affiliations, biases, business interests, background, influences and those who fund their work. With such disclosures, it would be very much harder to spin news stories or to disguise a vested interest as impartial objective comment. Sources that declined to reveal these salient facts would immediately be seen as less-trustworthy sources. Often, what people require is the ability to tell when they are being manipulated and when they are being genuinely enlightened. Because of streaming media s easy relationship with hypertext, such trust networks are easy to establish and maintain. Again, this could be replicated by the broadcast television news industry, but only by resorting to companion Web presences. Another aspect of streaming media that can encourage trust in visual reporting is the use of metadata to embed time, date, and location information into footage shot on location. If viewers are able to scrutinize more thoroughly the metadata attached to the streaming media, they can verify that reporters really were where they say there were (and also identify when stock archive footage from a library is being intercut with current footage and presented as news). By correlating video footage of the same event, shot from different locations and viewpoints, but with time and date in common, viewers could reconstruct the event and gain insight into what happened, from several angles. Future media players could support automatic correlation of these images and play them back in lock step. In fact, it may become common practice for camera crews to shoot each other as further proof that they were really there and really catching the action that matters. Discontinuities in the metadata time stream would instantly reveal when an edit had been made. It would also be possible to ensure that an edited news item presented material in the correct chronological order, as it happened. Sometimes, the manipulation of time through careful editing can give a misleading impression of the events that occurred. Not only that, but material included in an edited package could contain
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