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The final word on why streaming media is a superior communications medium is that it enables better content to be created, which in turn creates better, more engaging and enchanting viewer experiences. The better the content and the experience, the more effective it will be at telling its particular story and the more likely it is to be noticed. Streaming media technology also removes the authoritarian power of the gatekeepers to media channels that exist in traditional broadcast media. The public gets what the public wants, not some broadcast network s opinion of what that might or should be.
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Who Is Driving Streaming Media s Innovation
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Much of the innovation in streaming media technology is in the hands of small startup companies. A few larger companies have invested heavily in developing the technology, but many of the better-known old media companies are not among them. Many of those companies are, instead, supporting the Multimedia Home Platform (MHP), which seeks to converge broadcast and the Internet in a common application programming
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The Medium
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interface (API) for set-top boxes and other computer-based devices. This technology allows IP content to be embedded in a DVB digital video broadcast stream, but significantly sticks to MPEG-2 compression for the video and does not usually allow video to be streamed as an IP data stream. In other words, it is a play to protect the existing digital television broadcast infrastructure, by adding multimedia and interactive applications. As outlined previously, MHP is a transitional technology that can only compete while the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable bandwidth source to the home is a DVB stream and while embedding a fully-blown PC in a display device or creating a PC-based home digital media gateway costs more than building and writing software for nonPC set-top boxes. When this is not the case, the walled garden approach to the provision of multimedia and interactive content becomes unattractive to consumers. In content provision, many more of the companies normally associated with television are active among the ranks. In terms of distribution and bandwidth provision, the telecommunications companies are represented, but are mostly focused on data transmission, not specifically on streaming. In streaming media technology, innovations tend to be proprietary at first, with standards bodies following behind to open up the technology to more competitors and to standardize what, in effect, are commercial prototypes. Standards that lead the technology generally founder. This section will focus on innovators expressly interested in streaming, rather than enablers who also focus on other applications of their broadband delivery technology.
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As a company, Microsoft has been committed to streaming media for at least the last half decade and digital media for about a decade. The company has continued to invest in platform technologies that make it possible for application writers to use the Microsoft Windows platform to create digital media offerings. The company s Digital Media Division is responsible for Windows Media Technologies. Because Microsoft has a core technology called DirectX, which exploits the PC architecture and Windows operating system to make high-performance digital media applications relatively easy to create, both the Windows Media Technologies and the Xbox gaming platform are built on top of that application programming interface (API). It isn t clear whether or not a third party could recreate
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a Windows Media Technologies suite on top of the public DirectX API, but the core DirectX technologies are used. Suffice it to say that the software development kits available for Windows Media Technologies, DirectX, and Xbox allow independent software vendors (ISVs) to create powerful and innovative digital media applications, using freely available tools and platforms (provided they are from Microsoft, of course). Microsoft claims to have an MPEG-4-compliant codec included in Windows Media Technologies, but also claims that its codecs have a special sauce, or proprietary advantage, that allows them to produce better images than competitors products can. Only a Windows Media player can play Microsoft s MPEG-4 compliant files, at the time of writing. Hence, either MPEG-4 compliance is so loosely defined as to allow incompatibility between competitors products, or else compliance has many levels, making it possible to comply with the file format or container format, but not necessarily with the codec, for example. Microsoft has sought to cross-fertilize its other product offerings, using digital media technologies to advantage in a number of its products. Hence, the Windows 2000 Server platform, for example, is shipped with Windows Media Technologies, allowing it to be deployed in media serving applications. PowerPoint 2002 can be used to write synchronized multimedia presentations. Digital media, including streaming audiovisual content, is important to the company in a number of ways. It helps differentiate Microsoft products and provides reasons to buy into the entire Windows philosophy. The company has begun to port its Windows Media Technologies to mobile devices, via mobile operating systems such as Windows CE. Microsoft is also encouraging companies that make mobile devices to embed Windows Media Codecs into their products. Already, there are Windows Media Technology-compliant portable jukeboxes, video cameras, and soon there will be DVD players. Microsoft has also developed a suite of Digital Rights Management tools and software development kits, designed to protect copyrights and hence kick-start online digital media commerce. Unlike other companies serving the streaming media technology market, Microsoft has not sought to become a content server or bandwidth provider, but does have a directory site that directs viewers to content in Windows Media format ( Given the company s past record in leveraging key core technologies across all of its product lines and offerings, we can predict Microsoft will incorporate its digital media technologies into its .NET executable Internet platform. A betting man might christen the offering Media.NET or
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