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560 Personal and Hobby Wireless
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Accessories can be added until a ham rig is a large installation, comparable to a small commercial broadcast station. Figure 32-5 shows an example of a fixed, computer-controlled amateur radio station. The computer can be used to control the functions of the transceivers, and also to communicate using digital modes with other hams who own computers. The station can be equipped to interface with the telephone services, also called landline. The computer can control the antennas for the station, and can keep a log of all stations that have been contacted. The best way to learn about ham radio in the United States is to contact the headquarters of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL), 225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111. They maintain a Web site at If you live outside the United States, the ARRL can direct you to an organization in your home country that can help you obtain a license and get on the air.
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Shortwave Listening The high-frequency (HF) portion of the radio spectrum, at frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz, is sometimes called the shortwave band. This is a misnomer by contemporary standards; the waves are long compared with ultrahigh frequencies (UHF), microwaves, and IR, which are commonly used in wireless devices. In free space, a frequency of 3 MHz corresponds to a wavelength of 100 m; 30 MHz corresponds to 10 m. In the early years of radio when the shortwave band got its name, the wavelengths between 3 and 30 MHz were short compared with the wavelengths of most broadcast and communications signals, which had wavelengths in the kilometer range. Anyone can build or obtain a shortwave or general-coverage radio receiver, install a modest outdoor antenna, and listen to signals from all around the world. This hobby is called shortwave listening or SWLing. In the United States, the proliferation of computers and online communications has, to some extent, overshadowed SWLing, and many young people grow up today ignorant of a
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32-5 A computer-controlled
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amateur radio station.
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Security and Privacy 561
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realm of broadcasting and communications that still predominates in much of the world. But some people are still fascinated by the fact that people can contact each other using wireless devices alone, without the need for any human-made infrastructure other than an antenna at the source and another antenna at the destination. The ionosphere returns shortwave signals to the earth s surface, and allows reliable global broadcasting and communication to take place today, just as it has since the early 1900s. Various commercially manufactured shortwave receivers are available. Most electronics stores carry one or more models, along with antenna equipment, for a complete installation. Amateur radio conventions, called hamfests, can be a good source of shortwave receiving equipment at bargain prices. For information about events of this sort in your area, you can contact the American Radio Relay League at, or pay a visit to your local amateur radio club.
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Security and Privacy
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People are becoming more and more concerned about the security and privacy of electronic communications, particularly wireless. When a wireless system is compromised, the intrusion is not detected until harm has been done to the system or to its subscribers.
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Wireless versus Wired Wireless eavesdropping differs from conventional wiretapping in two fundamental ways. First, eavesdropping is easier to do in wireless systems than in hard-wired systems. Those old-fashioned hardwired phone sets might not always be convenient, but your privacy is more likely to be maintained than in the case with a system that uses any form of wireless. Second, eavesdropping of a wireless link is nigh impossible to physically detect, but a tap can usually be found in a hard-wired system. If any portion of a communications link is done by wireless, then an eavesdropping receiver can be positioned within range of the RF transmitting antenna (Fig. 32-6) and the signals intercepted. The existence of a wireless tap has no effect on the electronic characteristics of any equipment in the system. Levels of Security There are four levels of telecommunications security, ranging from zero (no security) to the most secure connections technology allows. No Security (Level 0): In a communications system with level 0 security, anyone can eavesdrop on a connection at any time, provided they are willing to spend the money and time to obtain the necessary equipment. Two examples of level 0 links are amateur radio and citizens band (CB) voice communications. Wire Equivalent Security (Level 1): An end-to-end hard-wired connection requires considerable effort to tap, and sensitive detection apparatus can usually reveal the existence of any wiretap. A communications system with level 1 security must have certain characteristics in order to be effective and practical:
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The cost must be affordable. The system must be reasonably safe for transactions such as credit-card purchases. When network usage is heavy, the degree of privacy afforded to each subscriber should not decrease, relative to the case when network usage is light.
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