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One of the rst things to remember about database marketing is that its bene ts are incremental. Every company that uses database market-
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ing successfully has another pro table sales channel already working for it, such as retail stores, mass marketing, catalogs, or sales through dealers or agents. The company uses the pro ts made through these other channels to build the database and develop the communications that make it work. The idea in database marketing is that you can increase your pro ts by an incremental amount through building customer relationships and information that have the result of Increasing the customer retention rate or repurchase rate Increasing referrals Increasing the cross sales and up-sales Using the customer pro le to nd more loyal and responsive prospects
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The database does not have to bear the full responsibility for sales that is done by the other channels. What the database does is to increase those sales by a certain percentage. The incremental amount is seldom massive perhaps 5 to 10 percent is all. But that 5 percent can be very pro table. Marketers have learned how to measure pro tability and lifetime value. There are many examples of this in this book. Marketers have learned to determine who their Gold customers are and how to retain them. They have learned to use recency, frequency, monetary (RFM) analysis to determine which customers are most likely to respond to offers. They have learned many rules, such as the following: Giving customers a choice in a direct offer always reduces response. Don t market to Gold customers, work to retain them. Don t treat all customers the same way save your resources to reward your best ones. Always set up control groups to measure your success if you don t, you can t prove that what you have done has really worked. Compute the lifetime value of your customers and put it into the customer records so that you can use it to evaluate the success of your marketing strategy.
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The more products you sell to customers, the higher their retention rate will be. Customers like to receive communications. Almost any communication will increase sales and retention rates. Referred customers have higher lifetime values and retention rates than the average customer. Offering discounts to attract new customers produces disloyal customers. Use the Web and email as a powerful two-way customer contact medium. You will have fun with this book reading the chapters, taking the quizzes, and using the charts. All the numerical charts in this book can be downloaded free from, where you will nd the answers to the quizzes, more than 100 magazine articles, free software, and a lot more. If done properly, database marketing will be fun for both the customer and the marketer. It is an intriguing game of communication and life. Enjoy it while you increase your sales and pro ts. I will be glad to hear from any readers on any subject at any time. You may reach me at Point out mistakes in the book, ask for help with marketing, or send me a case study that I can use in a future book. Arthur Middleton Hughes Vice President for Business Development CSC Advanced Database Solutions 2100 South Ocean Drive, Suite 16A Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 November 2002
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n addition to the many people mentioned in this book, I want to recognize the special contribution of several individuals who have been instrumental in providing me with the ideas that have shaped my knowledge of database marketing: Paul Wang, Associate Professor of Database Marketing at Northwestern University. Paul and I gave 28 two-day seminars together from 1994 to 2000. Paul is an outstanding teacher and a great friend. Bob McKim and Evelyn Schlaphoff at msdbm in Los Angeles, where I worked for 2 years. Bob and Evie taught me a great deal about the use of the Web for database marketing. Their ideas illuminate these pages. Fredrick Reichheld, Professor at Harvard Business School, whose book The Loyalty Effect completely revised my thinking in a number of crucial areas. Beth Clough, Director of Partner Relations at msdbm, a good friend and an expert on database marketing, who provided valuable help in the editing of this book. Mike Brostoff, CEO of CSC Advanced Database Solutions in Schaumburg, Illinois, who has run this highly successful database company for 20 years. Mike and Jeff Lundal of CSC invited me to work there as vice president for business development. I have been thrilled to join their team to spread the good word on database marketing throughout the world.
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