How to generate barcodes with specified image size (width, height) in Excel?

Generate, create 1d and 2d barcode images with target dimension size in Office Excel

How to create, print barcodes with target dimension width, height in Excel document with free online user guide?

How to resize barcode dimension size in Office Excel Worksheet?

  1. Download Barcode Generator Excel Add-in software
  2. Install Excel add in to generate linear, 2d barcodes with specified dimension size in Excel
  3. Step by Step Tutorial

Barcode dimension size options in Excel Barcode Generator plugin

You can easily custumize the generated barcode dimension size (width and height) through barcode size options in the Barcode Settings pane in Excel.

Open OnBarcode Barcode Generator Excel add-in in Excel Add-ins toolbar, you will find all barcode size ralated option settings under the tab "Barcode Size"

List of barcode size options:

  • Unit of Measure. Choose one of the options PIXEL, INCH, or CM.
  • DPI. Barcode image resolution value in dots per inch.
  • Auto resize. If checked, barcode generator software will automatically calculate the maximum X and Y module based on Image width and Image height. Option Bar width (X) and Bar height (Y) will be disabled.
  • Bar width (X). Barcode bar module width.
  • Bar height (Y). Barcode bar module height. For matrix barcodes (QR Code and Data Matrix), this option will be automatically disabled. The bar height should be the same value as bar width.
  • Image width. The generated barcode image width.
  • Image height. The generated barcode image height.
  • Left margin. Barcode left margin value.
  • Right margin. Barcode right margin value.
  • Top margin. Barcode top margin value.
  • Bottom margin. Barcode bottom margin value.
  • Text margin. For 1D (linear) barcodes only, the margin space between barcode and HRI (Human Readable Interpretation)
  • Rotate. Barcode rotation angles, in 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.

The following options are applicable for some barcode symbologies only.

  • Bearer bar (Horizontal). For ITF-14 barcode only. ITF-14 horizontal bearer bar size vs bar module (X) size ratio
  • Bearer bar (Vertical). For ITF-14 barcode only. ITF-14 vertical bearer bar size vs bar module (X) size ratio
  • Wide to narrow bar ratio. For Code 39, Code 93, IDENTCODE, Interleaved 2 of 5, ITF-14, LEITCODE, MSI Plessery only, Wide Narrow bar Ratio. Valid value is from 2.0 to 3.0 inclusive.
  • Short to tall bar. For PLANET, POSTNET, Short bar vs high bar ratio.
  • I. For Code 39 only, width of intercharacter gap. The minimum value is the bar width (X).

How to generate, print 2d barcode with specified dimension size in Excel file?

Here we will introduce several methods to create, print 2d barcode with specified image size (width and height) in Microsoft Office Excel document.

Method 1: Drag and drop

To change an existing barcode in Excel sheet, you can select the barcode image. Drag and drop to change the image width and height.

Here are the detailed steps to resize a barcode image through drag and drop on Excel document.

  1. Select the target QR Code barcode image. Use the bouning box handles to resize the barcode image.

  2. After resize the barcode image, you need click the image again. Now the barcode property setting panel will display the new resized image width and height values.

  3. Press button "Update" to re-paint the QR Code barcode image. You will find the QR Code Bar width (X) has been updated to the previous size.

  4. To draw the QR Code barcode with largest module size to fit the new barcode image area, you need check property "Auto resize", and press button "Update" again.

  5. Now the resized QR Code barcode has been re-painted with largest bar module size.

Method 2: Image Width and Height Settings in Property Panel

You can also change the barcode image width and height values in Barcode Settings panel directly.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Select the target barcode image

  2. Change the image width and height values to 703 pixels.
    Check the property "Auto resize".
    Click button "Update".

How to create linear barcode with specified dimension size in Excel file?

The linear barcodes (such as Code 39, Code 128, EAN/UPC) include not only bar modules, also include barcode text (human-readable interpretation, aslo known as HRI).

When you are resizing linear barcodes, you also need change barcode text size and the space between bar code and text displayed.

Create and draw linear barcodes in specified area in Excel file

Here are the steps:

  1. Create a new Code 128 barcode in Excel. Apply the following property settings:

    Image width to 600
    Image height to 450
    Check property "Auto resize"

  2. Now we need change the displayed barcode text font size.

    Go to tab "1D Barcode", change font size to 18

  3. Last step, we need increase the space between bar code and displayed barcode text.

    Go to tab "Barcode Size", change Text margin to 24


In this article, we have learned how to resize the 2d barcodes and linear barcodes with barcode properties adjusted in Office Excel document.

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