iReport Barcode Generator Tutorial
Generate,create linear, 2d barcode images in iReport
This barcode plug-in is just what we've been looking for. It is easy to install, and provides all the necessary settings that we need for our QR Code generation.
- Amber Carpenter

Developer Guide with Samples to Create Linear, 2D Barcodes in iReport with Java Barcode Generator

  • Built completely in NETBeans plugin for iReport barcode generation
  • Compatible with iReport 3.5.3 or later versions
  • Simple to integrate into iReport for bulk barcode image printing
  • Easy to create multiple barcodes in iReport with data from database
  • Support various linear, 2D barcode types including QR Code, Data Matrix, Code 39, etc
  • Flexible barcode settings to allow adjustment for barcode size, rotation, resolution, color
  • All printout barcodes are readable with corresponding ISO / IEC or GS1 specifications pre-configured
  • Mature barcode generator based on OnBarcode Java Barcode Generator library

This iReport Barcode Generator is actually a barcoding function of OnBarcode Java Barcode Generator, which generates & prints high-quality 1D/ Linear and 2D/matrix barcode images in iReport and Jasper Report projects. With this lightweight barcode encoder, users can create single barcode, or bulk barcodes with data from database in iReport within just a few steps.
iReport Barcode Generator Requirements
iReport Barcode Generator is a lightweight barcoding library with no barcode fonts or third party tools needed. Here are the only requirements for users:
How to Generate Barcodes in iReports using Java Barcode?
  1. Create a new report
  2. Add barcode.jar to report classpath.

    Select menu "Tools ", "Options ", then select "classpath" tab. add barcode.jar to the classpath
  3. Drag an image item in Palette to report

  4. Click "Cancel" button, in "Select an image file" window
  5. Select the image item, and edit its properties.

    Set property "Expression Class" to "net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRenderable";

    Set property "Image Expression" to "new com.onbarcode.barcode.jasper.JasperRenderer( com.onbarcode.barcode.jasper.BarcodeGenerator.draw(2, "12345", "", "X=2&Y=60"))";

    BarcodeGenerator.draw method accepts 4 parameters:
    the first is the barcode type in int,
    the second is the barcode data to encode, in String,
    the third is the supplement barcode data in String,
    the last is the barcode settings String. More details about barcode settings string, please check each barcode type property settings
  6. Now you can preview the Code 39 barcode with encoding data "12345" in your report
How to generate barcodes using data from data source?
  1. Follow the above steps 1 - 4 to create a new report & add library to classpath
  2. Define the data field in your iReport
  3. Drag an image item to report from Palette and click "Cancel" in the pop-up window
  4. Select the image item, and edit its properties and set property "Expression Class" to "net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRRenderable"

    set property "Image Expression" to "new com.onbarcode.barcode.jasper.JasperRenderer( com.onbarcode.barcode.jasper.BarcodeGenerator.draw(2, $F{data field} + "", "", "X=2&Y=60"))";
iReport Barcode Generator Supporting Barcode Properties

Barcode for iReport - Bar Code Types Generation

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