Word UPC-A Generator Data Encoding Tutorial

samples to input valid data and generate linear UPC-A images in Word


Word UPC-A Add-in Introduction

Word UPC-A Overview

UPC-A, also known as Universal Product Code version A , UPC Code, UPC Symbol, GTIN-12, GS1-12, UCC-12, is the most common and well-known barcode symbology in the United States.

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Word UPC-A is a UPC-A image creation add-in, which is able to easily insert high quality upca images in Microsoft Word 2003/2007/2010 documents. The installation of the UPC-A Add-in is simple and requires no programming skills. It is easy to encode the valid digit into the UPC A barcode symbol via the Word UPC-A add-in. Customizable UPC-A barcode properties, developed from the latest UPC-A standard, allows the users of Word UPC-A add-in easily configuring the UPC-A barcode images in Word documents.

This page explains in detail how you can encode valid data for a UPC-A generation in Microsoft Word documents with OnBarcode Word Barcode Add-In, here are some other tutorials you might need on how to customize image and size for a created UPC-A in Word.

UPC-A Related Products

Onbarcode, a professional barcode solution supplier, provides not only Word barcode add-ins but also other barcode components to generate UPC-A images in different developmental environment, like:

  • .NET UPC-A Generation SDK for NET projects. Add upc-a barcode image printing into .NET projects, like ASP.NET, .NET WinForms, Crystal Report for .NET as well as SSRS in .NET.
  • C#.NET UPC-A Generation Component for C#.NET development. Generate upc-a barcode image in .NET projects via C#.
  • VB.NET UPC-A Generation Component for Visual Basic.NET projects. Display high quality UPC-A barcode images in .NET projects with Visual Basic .NET.
  • Java UPC-A Generation SDK for Java programs. Create UPC-A barcode images for multiple Java applications.
  • BIRT UPC-A Generation Component for BIRT projects. Integrate UPC-A barcode image printing functionality into BIRT Reports.


Word UPC-A Data Encoding

UPC-A Valid Character Set

The UPC-A barcode is extensively used on consumer good in supermarket, books, magazines, and newspapers. It is a subset barcode symbol of UPC barcodes, which contain UPC-E, UPC Supplemental 2-digit add-on, and UPC Supplemental 5-digit add-on.

An UPC-A symbol is a fixed length barcode and only encodes 12 digits, which consists of 11 digits of message information and 1 check digit. UPC-A barcode only encodes numeric characters from 0 through 9:

UPC-A Character Set: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

UPC-A Barcode Symbol Components

If encoding the numeric string "12345678901" into an UPC-A symbol, it looks like the following image:

An UPC-A barcode symbology is made up of four fields from the left to right:

1. System number, a single digit at the left side of the UPC-A symbol. The first digit "1" in the above UPC-A image

2. Manufacturer code, five digits assigned by the UCC Council to manufacturer or company. The digits "23456" in the above UPC-A image

3. Product code, five digits assigned by the manufacturer. The digit "78901" in the above image

4. Check digit, the last digit. Numeric "2" in the above image

Encode data into UPC-A in Word

  • Make sure Word Barcode add-in has been installed
  • Open Word and go to the Barcode toolbar->Add Ins tab
  • Open the Bar code Panel and select the UPC-A from the barcode type list
  • Enter 11 digits into the data box
  • Configure barcode properties as your requirements.
  • Click Update button. A UPC-A Image display in Word!

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